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  1. baker1976

    World War II Units

    Hi, so what are the tools i need to start making mods for Arma 3?
  2. baker1976

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    And what about those sea mines? Are you planning to fix this ????
  3. baker1976

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Why can't i defuse sea mines when using AGM (diver showcase)? I use it in conjunction with the sp campaign and i do have also some issues with the Blackfoot mission can i disable a part so that i don't need to uncheck AGM to finish that mission?
  4. baker1976

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Where can i find that new CORE fix?
  5. baker1976


    I'm trying to add a patch in VA but the uniform won't allow me to use them can you fix this ?
  6. Like i and the SSG arrive at a destination in the first mission it takes a while before the mission continues"not only there", also you should make the BLUFOR troops a bit more accurate "shooting away all their ammo at a three" and slightly more prudent. And i noticed a couple of times some freezes of team mates after they where shot and healed. And yes i almost forgot i don't know it's the engine that's A3 is made of but if you can't see a enemy then i suppose calling out for attacking that enemy or position is strange so hopefully this can be fixed? greetz
  7. I do have your mod installed but i do have to mention that sometimes it takes a while for the mission to continue. I know its related to your mod because i tested the beta version and this was worse then So that's how i know its related to your mod. Keep up the good work!!
  8. baker1976

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    In matter a fact i do the ASR_AI2 version. So if i don't play with that mod the annoying sound would be gone but still no ep's?
  9. baker1976

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Ok but i do get the ear sound when using certain weapons and those ep don't show up in my inventory while that rifle produces that annoying sound . And i use AGM to play A3 Campaign missions so maybe that's the problem.
  10. baker1976

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Why don't these ear plugs appear in all my missions while i have AGM installed?
  11. baker1976

    SweetFX in Arma 3

    What do i need to do with these sweetfx shaders files "all in my directory?"
  12. baker1976

    Arma 2 Mil Mi-24 Hind Port

    I do get a error that consist of this text: bin/config.bin/CFG.weapons/Cha_Mi24_S8_rocket/burst/ cannot find base class burst. cheers
  13. Hi, is there a chance you will include the Phantom or the Tornado for AiA?
  14. baker1976

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Hi i don't know what it is but when i select my medic the heal option doesn't appear in the action menu whatever i do, need some help on this one? I placed the AGM folder outside of the main A3 folder and now the missing action options are back so is there a possibility this will be fixed? Or can i make use of the same actions but by using the AGM menu? No option of that sort are visible at this time or do i overlook something here ?
  15. Hi guy's do you know of a group that plays I44 at a very realistic level and preferably not with TS because i can't get my voice being heard unless someone can aid with some settings. I will gladly join up.
  16. Why do some options not appear like the Sp or Mp slide bar, and my overlay is a dessert because i followed up the instructions to enable servers etc but with the absence of certain things it won't work. Do i need to alter things myself?
  17. hi i'm going nuts here, so when i install some mods they won't appear at the enable mod screen, and i am certain that i install them in the right order. So any suggestions ? greetz
  18. baker1976

    [CAMP] 100 Days

    little problem here when I load a save I get a error code something about a deleted file. When I do the patrol mission and pass the first checkpoint it saves automatically right, then I headed to checkpoint 2 I get ambushed by insurgents and got kia, so I try to start from the last save and get this error code saying can't load because of a deleted file (ACE file) so is there any fix for this? cheers
  19. baker1976

    some mods won't appear at enable mod screen

    I have a combination so A2 is a steam version, OA, BAF, ACR, PMC aren't so i installed them in the the A2 folder to get CO. Could this give issues? I doubt it but you never know.
  20. how the heck do I install this plane, i made an mod folder like its told still no enable square at mod selection screen.
  21. baker1976

    [CAMP] 100 Days

    tnx for the reply, everything ok now. I did use a capital c so time for some action now. But why do I have 2 100 Days links at my campaign selection screen? I only have one folder with the mods pbo file. greetz
  22. baker1976

    [CAMP] 100 Days

    hi, I installed the 100 days mod but when I start I get this error code No entry 'bin\config.bin\Cfg Worlds.1. I have to mention that I installed it in my missions folder because i can't find my campaign folder. I did installed OA BAF ACR PMC in the A2 folder tough, maybe this is the problem?