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  1. Nice work, I'd like to see these in-game if you have anything to share..
  2. Hello Commanders, I just got aboard with the steam sale and I saw there are some good mods here. I am no coder but have done some modding and thought I could find a way to combine Deadly Islands and Nemesis. Looks like it's not going to be as easy as I hoped. I went through the two mods very carefully in notepad and tried to combine what I thought was the salient information. I renamed it mycombomod and appended the shortcut with -mod mycombomod, but I didn't see it show up in-game and I wasn't sure what the overall effect was. The islands were indeed deadly and the enemy carrier did try to bail so I think I'm on the right track but it's not working as intended. I still got messages about island strength I wasn't supposed to, was one thing I noticed. Anybody interested in helping me combine these? Here's the link to my wip: http://www.filefactory.com/file/352b14v4gqjt/n/deadlynemesis_7z
  3. Well I downloaded this mod without playing the vanilla and those islands are indeed deadly. I'm loving the challenge, this is an impressive mod with a nice list of customizable features. I'll try to give some more detailed feedback once I've played some more. Thanks!