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  1. I want to create a 3D sound but not globally, just for a player. playSound3D, say3D and createSoundSource are global.
  2. Thank you! I didn't saw this: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Category:Commands_with_local_effects
  3. Icaruk

    Rotate control

    Not possible by engine (as far as I know).
  4. In description.ext When the file is on mission folder, it works: class CfgMusic { tracks[]={}; class music1 { name = "music1"; sound[] = {"music1.ogg", db-2, 1.0}; }; }; The problem comes when I put the file inside a addon: I tried: sound[] = {"\modFolder\music1.ogg", db-2, 1.0}; And: sound[] = {"@modFolder\music1.ogg", db-2, 1.0}; (Like cfgSounds) None of these works. I have files on the same addon working with cfgSounds.
  5. Icaruk

    cfgMusic from addon.

    Defining clases on config.cpp in such addon works fine. Thanks!
  6. Offsets for objects are often incorrect, as there is currently no detection for the size of the object. Have you tried boundingBoxReal?
  7. http://i.imgur.com/J2urmxU.jpg (461 kB) Features: - 5v5. - You have 4 types of kicks: Standing, normal kick with height. Prone, hard kick without height. Crouch, soft kick without height. Mid-air (prone while running), hard kick with height. - Fatigue system, the guy owning the ball will be able to run just half of the field, the guys that haven't the ball will be able to run the entire field 3+ times. - Scoreboard. - To get the ball you have to aim it at least during 0,5 seconds. Same to steal the ball from other players or grabbing it mid-air. - Works on dedicated. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/h1snt7vsq4f841o/Icaruk_Futbol.Altis.pbo Fútbol OTH-10
  8. I'm sorry, this mission has been done 2 years ago, it can't survive so many patches xD. At the moment you can find small football mods, that have ball with physics and better stuff.
  9. Use RscShortcutButton instead of RscButton.
  10. Maybe this? // Run this only on server { [_x, 'call asd_fnc_function'] remoteExec ["addAction", -2]; // 0 all, 2 only server, -2 all except server } forEach (nearestObjects [position, ["classname"], 90000]); Or maybe it could be better to start a loop local to each player, checking if his (typeOf cursorTarget) is that className, if true: addAction, if false: removeAction.
  11. Icaruk

    Textbox with scrollbars?

    Use RscControlsGroup (it's like a container), then put inside it all the controls you want, it will put the scrollbar if needed.
  12. Example, using this light: asd = "#lightpoint" createVehicle position player; asd setLightBrightness 0.3; asd setLightAmbient[ 1.0, 1.0, 1.0]; asd setLightColor [1.0, 1.0, 1.0]; asd lightAttachObject [player, [0, 0, 0]]; How I can make this light to iluminate the way I'm facing instead sticking to me?
  13. Icaruk

    Can I Detect Units in Shadow/Shade?

    Little Inmersion Tweaks uses moonIntensity + another thing I can't rembember.
  14. Something like this? _startingMags = {_x == "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag"} count magazines player; while {true} do { if (({_x == "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag"} count magazines player) > _startingMags) then { // something happens }; sleep 1; // change this if you want };
  15. I have no time to test it for myself, sorry. I think that setSimpleTaskTarget is just for simple tasks (lol). You can try to create a simple task instead BIS_fnc_taskCreate.
  16. Icaruk

    Help: Basics of GUI building

    In description.ext: #include "defines.hpp" You should try the GUI editor ingameand then press H for help. In case you don't find any example of defines.hpp: http://pastebin.com/xJXGvvuR
  17. Have you tried setSimpleTaskTarget? [ player, task01, ["Get in the MRAP", "Get in", "GET IN"], getPos B_MRAP_1, true ] call BIS_fnc_taskCreate; task01 setSimpleTaskTarget [B_MRAP_1, true]; If it doesn't attach to your target, you can try: 0 spawn { // use this if you are not using execVM or spawn while {true} do { task01 setSimpleTaskTarget [B_MRAP_1, true]; sleep 1; }; };
  18. Try: plane = createVehicle ["className", getMarkerPos "markerName", [], 0, "FLY"]; player moveInDriver plane; I used createVehicle array and moveInDriver.
  19. Update: 0 spawn { findDisplay 46 createDisplay "RscCredits"; ctrl = findDisplay 999 ctrlCreate ["RscEdit", -1]; ctrl ctrlSetEventHandler ["Char", "test = ctrlText ctrl; "]; ctrl ctrlSetPosition [0,0,1,0.1]; ctrl ctrlCommit 0; hint "Type something in RscEdit"; sleep 5; hint format ["You typed %1 or %2", ctrlText ctrl, test]; }; If you write 1234, the ctrlText will return 1234 but the "test" variable will return 123.
  20. Example: 5014 is a RscEdit. I write ASDF. _string = ctrlText 5014; hint format ["Text is %1", _string]; it returns "ASD" But if I write ASDF . (notice the space at the end). _string = ctrlText 5014; hint format ["Text is %1", _string]; it returns "ASDF"
  21. I've tested yours and it works fine. My rscEdit define it's the following: class RscEdit { type = 2; x = 0; y = 0; h = 0.04; w = 0.2; colorBackground[] = {0,0,0,1}; colorText[] = {0.95,0.95,0.95,1}; colorDisabled[] = {1,1,1,0.25}; colorSelection[] = { "(profilenamespace getvariable ['GUI_BCG_RGB_R',0.69])", "(profilenamespace getvariable ['GUI_BCG_RGB_G',0.75])", "(profilenamespace getvariable ['GUI_BCG_RGB_B',0.5])", 1 }; autocomplete = false; text = ""; size = 0.2; style = 0x00 + 0x40; font = "PuristaMedium"; shadow = 2; sizeEx = "(((((safezoneW / safezoneH) min 1.2) / 1.2) / 25) * 1)"; canModify = 1; }; Type = 2 is #define CT_EDIT 2 I have no idea about how to fix this issue :/ EDIT: The only thing I added is that it's capable to do multi-line. Instead this: "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" this would display: "aaaaaa aaaaaaa" EDIT2: [] spawn { findDisplay 46 createDisplay "RscCredits"; with uiNamespace do { ctrl = findDisplay 999 ctrlCreate ["RscEdit", -1]; [color="#FF0000"] ctrl ctrlSetEventHandler ["Char", "var = ctrlText ctr; "];[/color] ctrl ctrlSetPosition [0,0,1,0.1]; ctrl ctrlCommit 0; hint "Type something in RscEdit"; sleep 5; [color="#FF0000"]hint format ["You typed %1 or %2", ctrlText ctrl, var];[/color] }; }; I'm using something like this to get a variable. If I get the text with this the EH, the last character is always missing.
  22. (stance player) == "PRONE" (stance player) == "CROUCH" (stance player) == "STAND"
  23. Icaruk

    [RELEASE] NRE Earplugs

    Spanish localize: <Key ID="STR_NREEP_IN_HINT"> <Original>You have insert the earplugs!</Original> <English>You have insert the earplugs!</English> <Russian>Беруши вÑтавлены!</Russian> <German>Du hast die Ohrstoepsel eingesteckt!</German> <Spanish>¡Te has puesto los tapones!</German> </Key> <Key ID="STR_NREEP_OUT_HINT"> <Original>You have removed the earplugs!</Original> <English>You have removed the earplugs!</English> <Russian>Беруши вытащены!</Russian> <German>Du hast die Ohrstoepsel rausgenommen!</German> <Spanish>¡Te has quitado los tapones!</Spanish> </Key> <Key ID="STR_NREEP_IN_ACTION"> <Original>Insert earplugs</Original> <English>Insert earplugs</English> <Russian>Ð’Ñтавить беруши</Russian> <German>Ohrstoepsel einstecken</German> <Spanish>Ponerte los tapones</Spanish> </Key> <Key ID="STR_NREEP_OUT_ACTION"> <Original>Remove earplugs</Original> <English>Remove earplugs</English> <Russian>Вытащить беруши!</Russian> <German>Ohrstoepsel rausnehmen</German> <Spanish>Quitarte los tapones</Spanish> </Key>
  24. Example: Use mousewheel and target any object, it will appear a grey text saying the object's name. There is any way to turn it off or modify it? Thanks in advance.