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  1. I agree. Until there is the large map which will be a survival. This battle ready wasteland sounds really fun. :)
  2. So shall we be expecting any updates in the near future to this wasteland?
  3. Ahh fair enough. Maybe my friend just got unlucky haha.
  4. My friend was using windows 8.1 and he says since it is not finished it really messes with steam and lots of games. His advice is just use normal and don't upgrade until it is finished haha.
  5. hey jo, was just wondering will you be creating a version of wasteland for the new map altis with the new weapons and new vehicles. i know it is coming to the dev branch in the next week or two so i was wondering if we should be expecting something?
  6. Thanks buddy i figured it all out :D
  7. Where is the arma3.exe located on an online acp admin panel ? :P ---------- Post added at 12:02 ---------- Previous post was at 10:46 ---------- got it working :) there seems to be a lot less vehicles? any reason or just better fps? ---------- Post added at 12:05 ---------- Previous post was at 12:02 ---------- and a lot less baseparts
  8. Does the pbo contain all needed as i am having no missions or vehicles spawning? I use a host provider so its all done by an online acp console. Any ideas :)
  9. loving your version mate. Been running it ever since i got my servers and i will continue to do so.
  10. Hey jo, i am admin of a clan called XXIV (24th century gaming. we have been hosting your version of wasteland, which is fantastic if i may add, I was just wondering when v2.3 will be released and will there be a version with both night and day? and will there be an option to have it so baseparts dont stay in the same area after restarts? i like the idea but it leads to all baseparts ending up in one area of the map which makes things confusing and lowers fps.
  11. Honestly i love the game especially wasteland.