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    Crash at end of Coltan Blues

    bump I am having the same exact issue. After shooting down the 3 aircraft toward the end, I go to a loading screen and it essentially freezes on the load screen. You have to Alt+F4 to get out of it.
  2. My friends are able to join the server fine where you basically choose a slot. I start the mission (Pathfinder on OA campaign), it gets to where I click continue to begin, and then my friends are immediately disconnected. They are able to find the server again, try to join but at this point there are disconnected. The first mission worked fine but this one won't allow us to play together. Really disappointing considering how fun that mission is (first tank mission). I haven't been able to try any missions beyond that point yet but as of right now it seems like this problem is unique to that mission. Some help with this would be appreciated.