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  1. @Kju, hello again, it seems i have got the mod working, but i got this one problem, I have patched the DLC's to the latest's version, but when ever i go to editor and spawned them, they are NATO soldiers with WWII US DLC Weapons.
  2. Kju, i have not find a single solution, yet i want to play this mod so bad, I don't understand what the key thing you told me, I did all the possibilities based on my limit, Please, help me with this. What do you mean with the registry key? In full detail, Instruct me what to begin with, Please. You're the modder of this mod, so you're able to provide me with help, As said in the previous post: Please in detail, What should i do with the Registry key? All i need is to get the patch runnig, If i can do that. then i get to play it.
  3. Please in detail, What should i do with the Registry key? All i need is to get the patch runnig, If i can do that. then i get to play it.
  4. Looking back at 1 from 52 Pages is a burden, and seeking assistance, Who am i supposed to asK? Also, i did what you said restart all over, and this time 1.06 Won't run like 1.07! I have finished the Conversion, But same things happened! LIB_GER_UNIFORM_CORE, And COLEVILE ADDONS NEED STAZOW This is frustrating, All i want to do is play your mod. And Yet, all the PATCH Won't WORK No matter how much i download them!
  5. Start over? What step do i follow? and when do i patch IF? after conversion or before? Am i supposed to start over the manual? Plus i get this "LIB_Core" for LIB_Ger_Uniform Error in the start of the game
  6. Yes, i have watched your video, although mine didn't seem to worked like yours. My IF, ArmAII and ARMAIII Are Steam version, but last year i was able to get IF Running in the Steam version with a Bat launcher. So, please Instruct me detailedly, "With Admin permission"? When ever i launched A2 It say's Addon "Colevile" requires stazzow island". Which quit's my game when i reach the Bohemia Intro. unless, When you said registry key You mean Patch, I've already tried to do so and the Admin thing didn't appear like the, NO- YES- CANCEL, It just launch the Patch and the Error showed up PS: I spent all night trying to get this working. And i launch the game trough your Conversion Application, And in Playwithsix i did everything you said in the Video, but when i entered I spawned a soldier, it gives me an error, And it won't let me play Editor, or sometimes The map is not there, Except OMAHA. it's like the IF Isn't even loaded.
  7. Hello Kju, I'm Tzar. So, i have been a problem with your mod. So far, I'l go on with detail. So, i did what the Manual step told me to do, The problem is - When ever i clicked the community patch that i download It say's Iron Front arma version is not installed or either corrupted. -When i did the Conversion it say's Arma bad key or whatever it is given and it just quit's ARMA II -I can't Install the patch or at least i don't know how. Since i installed this mod 2 times on other computer last year, but i forgot. Plus here's what i did just for the mod It took me 3 days -Day1, Install ARMA 2 -Day2, Install ARMA CO -Day3, Download all the Patch and stuff, i've downloaded them for 5X times or more, So, please. Help me, I wanted to play this so bad, I'm highly impressed by this mod, It's one of the reason i've waited 3 Days for this. Please make a video on how to install the Manual or either Go on Detailed with the Manual setup, Since i do not know when or how to Patch my Iron Front, or either make step's with Picture provided to be more detailed, Your Setup guide for manual isn't detailed enough. Nor is the PlayWithSix, I didn't get to make it work. Thank you, Tzar
  8. Is the mod still alive? I hope it is :D Im very excited!
  9. Im having an issu ewhich i realy despise:You see When i download the Update The Role seceltion didnt show up
  10. Dav...Your Very dumb aren't you...? You just threatend A Person tat has stayed in this forum for longer than you and your the disgreace you should be shot. And HANGED Kiory is a Very Nice person i respect him and all the foes arround here...But You.....You dONT.....I bet You used one of his mod.....But You dont respect him You care about the Mod Not him The BIS Community have known Kiory for a long time...Im a fan of his work...So his the Others...And you...Just Threatend a person that is more better than you...You dont deserve a shot...You Deserve a Hanged.
  11. Whats on the new update i didnt see anything. Can i please know?
  12. Airfox. The BAF,CDF,US Units are just to balanced the game not to crashing if you want to enable A2 Model you can
  13. No imean make a KSK Uniform based on Green army body :)
  14. Okay so i managed to fix it...Turns out The PBO I put there wasnt complete Anyway post a new update soon Please I love this Mod The uniforms are jsut.Wow.....Even your Keffiah Kuyifah headgear Was awsome i realy sure od hope you make some KSK Unit with it!
  15. Well I did cause I enable NATO Whne it was alpha and i repleaced the NATO With other NATO So it is Enabeled
  16. I Tried with I44 :) The model crash when i shot the commander
  17. Tzar

    75th Ranger Regiment

    Try using Independent army body on the next update :) It'l Look awsome
  18. I repleaced my old NATO With the new ones But i didnt see any new units
  19. Wait i did download the hotfix and is that all or theres more?
  20. I dont think mine worked i download the new ver but when i checked theres no new unit at all
  21. I download it but it appears just to make my AIA Lag's so bad or Frame lag
  22. It means it cant be used anymore and dont post it here!
  23. How do i use the new one? When i acces A2 Maps an error appears and wont let me enters it and when i enter a A2 Model it crashes