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  1. This isnt a wish for arma 3, these are suggestions for future B.I. games
  2. First off, thank you B.I. for your incredible games and building an incredible community. You have brought me alot of joy in games like ArmA and Take on Helicopters! Ok, back to what I want to talk about. I hope you ladies and gents put in your input as well. All of these ideas may be a challenge to B.I. but will definitely turn heads if done right And I hope B.I. will see this post. :) 1) "B.I. Nitro": I had this idea, earlier this year I had read about how thq went out of business. I reminisced about all of the wild stuff my friends and I had with MX vs ATV. A few days ago I seen a youtube video about ArmA 3 and testing out an ATV. I begin to think, "What if B.I. made a giant action sports playground for offroad and onroad vehicles, realistic controls and feel, controller support, mod support, and of course beautiful graphics." So I had typed up the idea and expanded it more. A giant playground to start off, numerous relatively large maps for Mx, Atv, and other off road, onroad, racing vehicles (Even Snow Mobiles). You can set up your own races, customize your own vehicle, player, and attire. Not to mention you can use B.I. tools to make your own tracks, islands, and other vehicles. Of course because its an action playground, you can pull of tricks with simple controls on your atv or dirtbike with either the keyboard and mouse or playstation/xbox controller. You can roam open world with your friends online or start up a challenge or race. 2) "B.I. Session": This idea came when the Skate series ended. I have not found another realistic skateboarding or even a single bmx game for that matter. With using pc controls or a Xbox/Playstation controller, you use the same "flick it" controls as skate and have that feeling that every trick, every line you land is filled with satisfaction. Players can make community addons for clothing and bike/board designs. Same concept with my B.I. Nitro Idea, plus when offline, you can shred with A.I. versions of your friends or pro's/other characters the community made. With B.I.'s map tools you can make your own cities, parks, characters, clothing, bike/board designs and even animations for tricks. Added feature is pre-wind to get a better spin (Like ssx on tour almost). You can move objects like obstacles or move items you can skate on. -Continued: Another part of 'Session' could be adding ski and snowboarding with multiple mountains, or a large map where you or your friend can fly to a specific spot to drop off skiers or boarders. Also, why not, for added craziness for 'session' you can also use a snow bike or snow tube (Or even longboards, mini trikes, miniboards, etc.) and make use of portable ramps (Like Skate 3 and place an object) or get two buddies to start "Bungee mode" where two friends or A.I. Players hold a bungee cord as you pull yourself back to launch yourself forward and shred the city in the winter. 3) ArmA 3 Expansion (Or Standalone game) 'Open Season': This is a hunting expansion for upcoming ArmA 3 or as a stand alone game. With top rifles and shotguns from Larue PredatOBR 5.56 and 7.62 all the way too Remington 870 and Bows with everything in between. The basic idea I had for this is simply a realistic hunting game, even more so than Cabela's games. Dozens of animals and environments both big and small. Treestands, camps, decoys, game calls, and game lures. To top it all off, I would love to see a live environment (Better than what is seen in Far Cry 3) 4) "Trade Face" feature in B.I. games: This idea is like EA's Gameface feature but you have more options and can shape every part of the player and import it into B.I. Games like ArmA. 5) More simulators for more vehicles, like Take on Helicopters Well, those are my ideas I have so far. Please feel obligated to comment!:)
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    I agree, I fell for all of the Call of Duty, Halo, Battlefield, Xbox 360/PS4 Console junk. Then I found ArmA Gold and the upcoming ArmA II. I searched and saved for a laptop being compatible with ArmA games even if it only handled the lowest possible settings and resolution. I remember when I first discovered ArmA gold. I immediately bought it after I spent hours watching gameplay footage. I downloaded it off sprocket and tried it out, but I ended up with a start up screen where everything was black and kinda fuzzy :pet5:. So while looking for help, I continued to watch gameplay footage I fell in love with B.I.'s simulation type games like ArmA and Take on Helicopters. B.I. also released tools for their customers to even make their own content for the game. They are everything a gaming company should be. I have not bought any other war or simulation game since the ArmA 3's Alpha/Beta package (I want to buy Take on Helicopters ever since I tried it at my friends). Just knowing that I have a realistic/supportive community/mod compatible/ beautiful looking game, I do not see myself buying another game until/if they release a new ArmA or other realistic / simulation game. I hope to see more realistic games brought to the community, I wouldn't be surprised if they made more simulation games for other types of vehicles either.