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    Multiplayer Hacker Report

    Haha! Thanks Dwarden. Yes it was disabled, I will enable it next time, we usually don't use it, whenever we recruit on ArmA 2 regular I just quickly host something. We usually do ACE with ACRE or other mods. Thanks for your quick reactions.
  2. Silentstrike

    Multiplayer Hacker Report

    Okay thank you Dwarden, So if BattleEye is enabled on a server it will handle it?
  3. Hey guys, I am posting here because I want to report a hacker. I apologize in advance if this is the wrong forum, I couldn't find any report section. This is the story: We were on our clan recruitment server on ArmA 2 / ArmA 2 Free ([10/21st]Recruitment | MIC ONLY | Tactical Realism Teamspeak). In that I am Capt.Tim. We had people of the 18th joining, then quickly more members joined and asked their members why they were on our server and whether they were leaving the 18th. When we had discussions between 18th members in our Teamspeak server I decided to talk to their leader, he wasn't there someone else was and I asked him to make sure his members don't bring any issues with him in my server. A week later three guys of the 18th joined and one of them made our base blow up. We kicked them and restarted our mission. I talked to them and told them to stay away. One of them came back on with another name, I recognized him by Player ID and he acted like he was someone else. When he figured I wasn't that stupid the other two came on with other names too and hacked again, this time everyone in the server their games froze which made mine crash. Then they got kicked again and kept trying to connect two times. I've got their names, player ID's and a server log. Unfortunately I don't have anything else of proof. Can something be done against these guys? I heard they hack more often, so I'm probably not the only one with them as issue. Thanks in advance.