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  1. Separatists in a country break off a region with the intent of joining another country, getting two superpowers tangled in the ensuing mess. Where is the Deja Vu here? I think Bohemia has a lot more foresight and realism to their campaigns than we give them credit for... A lot. No wonder it seemed so realistic when I played through it 3 years ago. Good job BI.
  2. Yeah I am kind of pissed about buying a pre-made system that had the non OC version of the 2600 in it. I put the 770 in a while ago and that's as far as it will go. The poor thing (XPS 8300) literally cannot fit anything else in it. Well at least now I know if I want to upgrade I won't touch the graphics card... Probably am going to have to build an entirely new rig though.
  3. I would like to start off with saying that I am pretty impressed with the campaign as it is so far. However the CSAT faction makes me scratch my head. What is the Canton-Protocol? Is it something like a new Warsaw Pact, but between Iran and China or something of that nature? Just interested, I don't lose sleep thinking about this or anything :)
  4. Ok thanks. I messed around with launch options a bit and the above mentioned items, and I think that performance has increased dramatically in all but the most intense of firefights. I cannot overclock my processor, it is locked, but I'll think about that for the future. Thanks.
  5. Many thanks for the reply. Where do I enter the "-nologs" parameter? In the Steam properties tab when you right click on the game in the library? I only have one custom mission that I never play anymore, so I am fine with no RPT being written anymore, and "-nologs" will fix that problem, if it exists?
  6. Hello, I have been playing Arma3 for a while now and have noticed that my FPS, which is usually in the 70-80 range, gets really low sometimes, in singleplayer. This happens during things like intense firefights and the campaign, which makes me suspect that it might be a CPU issue. I thought that I had a good CPU (@ 3.4 ghz, non K version) but this game is making me think otherwise. Is it time for an upgrade?
  7. jazar

    Recoil lag when zoomed in

    Exactly, don't know why I didn't see that in the first place 0_0
  8. My performance in SP is pretty strange with the specs in my last post. It depends where my character is looking. Forests, water, and other random things seem to drag down FPS, while everything else seems smooth. My settings are all over the place, no AA or AF, but high textures, and low everything else, it works the best for me, which is something that dissapoints me a bit about my PC mostly, but I still get immersed in the game ;). I'm told that the HD 6770 is a piece of junk, is this true, should I upgrade, or does my processor need an upgrade? In response the gaming laptop question, always take a desktop over a laptop, laptops are for well, portable gaming, desktops are still the best way to go.
  9. I get OK performance with the i7 2600 (non-K) @3.4ghz and the HD6770. Should I think about upgrading the HD6770?
  10. Hello, I've noticed that whenever I fire weapons like the MX 6.5mm or Katiba with the collimated optics, zoomed in fully, and firing single shot mode or fully automatic mode, the recoil seems to lag a bit. What I mean is that on the "Up" part of the recoil cycle, ( not when you manually push the weapon back down. ) the animation does not seem smooth. It "jerks" up, I push it back down, wash, rinse, and repeat. It is far from a game killer for me, just one of those little things that sticks out to me. It just doesn't seem realistic. Other than this the weapon recoils smoothly when zoomed out, and everything except zoomed in fully on the optic.