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  1. Given the level of trouble I've had with youtube you'll need to make sure this text uses short words, and is very big, and the blink tag.
  2. Thanks, I had previously sent a copy to Dram for Take on Mars, should I CC that copy to you as well? Any advice on what to do when youtubes copyright staff fails reading comprehension and can't understand the contract?
  3. I saw this tweaked the box to 3 hours and that worked.
  4. illectro


    No no, if you have a tuning fork generating middle C it'll oscillate at the same frequency regardless of whether it's in Air, hydrogen, CO2 or even a vacuum. It won't sound any different in any of those atmospheres. But, if you have say a flute which depends on the oscillations in an air column it will generate different notes as the atmosphere changes.
  5. Is the elipse around the location the error elipse? I was landing a probe on a crater rim and I moved this elipse slightly north so that it didn't overlap the crater (but still stayed within the bounds of the objective). Had a thruster error on descent and ended up 200m away, now I don't think any of the mission objective are achievable :(
  6. My Gmail had put the key in the spam folder, thankfully I was expecting it.
  7. illectro

    Travel time to mars

    It takes 7-8 months, but you have to wait 2 years for the planets to align for the launch window, the further you move away from the launch window the more fuel you need for the transfer until the delta-V requirements get too high and the window closes.
  8. illectro

    Release date today or tommorow?

    Well I don't have a key yet and I've pre-ordered.
  9. illectro

    weather events/Sun set

    What about meteors - Mars is nearer the main asteroid belt and gets a lot more meteors at night as a consequence.
  10. illectro

    Travel time to mars

    I could imagine it mattering in a campaign mode where you identify features which could be explored by a specific rover technology in one mission, but have to wait 18 months for the planets to align to send it.
  11. illectro


    The pitch shift will only happen to sounds generated by oscillations in an air column, but things like motors won't be affected because the sound if being generated by a solid device. Microphones on Mars have had a hard time, the first one was on Mars Polar Lander which crashed, then one was planned for Phoenix, but a technical problem meant that it was never used (http://www.msss.com/msl/mardi/news/12Nov07/index.html)
  12. illectro

    Take On Mars Pre-Order now available

    So..... what time on the 1st of August, I'm on California time, should I be expecting it to go live Midnight GMT so I can play it tomorrow night?
  13. illectro

    When will this game be released?

    I have people asking me every day to cover this game for my youtube channel I'll be happy when it's released so I can actually do it, got to keep the fans happy :) Any idea if any devs would want to come on my channel (http://youtube.com/user/szyzyg) and promote the game before release?