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  1. I have been having serious server browser issues for a long time now, and I know I am not alone as the group of 10 friends I play with all report the exact same issue. Basically, the server browser doesn't work, no matter the filter settings. At default settings, if I search for servers, I get flooded with 90% dev branch servers (all empty), and about 20 regular servers, most of which are empty, with 5 or so populated, and only 1 or 2 at max population. If I filter for minimum players (say 10 or so), and also filter passworded servers, then my search results come back with 10 or so servers, or less. I know there are more servers than that, with higher populations and stable pings. I know this because if I put in the name of a particular mission I know of (wasteland, for example), I will get every server with that mission name, and all within the boundaries of my previous filter settings, but they just wouldn't show up until now. This makes it impossible for me to find new servers and game types, because they don't show up in the regular server browser, and thus I am unaware if they exist or not. This is hilariously broken and I have no idea how to fix it, or if it is even something that can be fixed on my end.
  2. Never had any single player or editor freezing. After some digging I suspect I might not have the same problem as the OP, or maybe just a different symptom? Not sure. Either way, last night I found the game spy master server list which included the IPs and ports for all arma3 servers that were running and was able to connect and play normally with friends on those servers when I direct connected, which seemed to bypass whatever hangup was happening with the server browser. So multiplayer isn't completely cut off from me, it just seemed to be an issue centralized with the browsing of the servers. I honestly can't think of what could have changed on my end that would facilitate this between one day and the next. Hell, I didn't even turn off my computer between when it was working and when it stopped. Every other game I own runs fine, I have zero internet connectivity issues. Is it some kind of glitch with gamespy and their setup? No idea. I can provide more information if its needed, just.. lemme know what I need to dig up and where to find it.
  3. Having similar issues with no clue of the cause. When joining multiplayer (just the lobby, not an actual server), my game will hangup from anywhere between 5-10 seconds with FPS becoming zero and the game being unresponsive to alt-tabbing or commands, meanwhile the playerlist will be completely blank when it finishes even after refreshing. Restarting, updating steam, checking file cache, changing filter settings for servers, and just about everything else I can think of has no effect. I went from completely normal gameplay to unplayable now.