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  1. Well.. hello, i literally kinda forgot which email i use to buy Arma 3 Supporter edition and i literally forgot whether i bought the supp edition from steam or bis store, ive been asking google relating my problem and i found that arma 3 supp edition isn't available on steam so i am pretty sure that i was pre-purchasing on BIS store. how do i retrieve my forgotten email ? and how do i extract arma 3 key from my steam library for retrieving my lost account purpose since i couldn't even remember my username also... can i just provide my steam address to relate on the key bis account used to pre-order ? i've been trying to remember my last squad to find my username with no avail.. pffft, edit: after i look that i joined on 2013, i am pretty sure this is the account when i pre ordering the game, however there is no arma 3 supp edition on purchase history. edit 2: i just searching on my email history, there is purchase history of arma 3 but now the problem is, i didn't see purchase history on my bohemia account. even when i did click on "View the order by following the link below." the page show nothing.. not even 404 or else. the page were broken with only navbar and footer. edit 3: case closed, now purchase history is there after i click the order link on my email, seems like the link invoking a session, cookie or something to fix the website session issue i encountered, the issue i encountered just today, everytime i change page i need to click login, and then a mini page shown up then vanish checking if my session still intact. somehow now its working just fine, after i click the link on my email.