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  1. Once again, as stated previously, "I am unaware of the abilities of sqf (I've only taken my first look 2 days ago)"...there's a reason I am on the forums looking for help, not overly-subjective broken English criticism on unrelated topics. Please stop replying to this thread...
  2. Yea that's effectively what I'm doing right now. Banning only goes as far as the profile which is more or less futile anyway (outside of maintaining a db and storing/checking ips).
  3. Somebody asked for the info, but the title of the thread hasn't changed (however it's direction sort of has, unfortunately). This ultimately has nothing to do with me or my server...I'm trying to combat script injection. Something I'd like to share with the community. Honestly I can't see why you have been posting in this thread for the past ~5 replies other than to throw in your rusted two cents and repeatedly telling me to "just wait"...which as I've stated previously, I don't want to. If you have nothing more meaningful to contribute to the actual issue, then please don't.
  4. Usually checking netlog and scooping up a scripters IP, finding out where they live, and threatening them with that is enough to scare off any potential repeat offenders. I'd say a large majority of script injectors are very young and just want to feel like they have power of others...a bit of psychological warfare goes a long way. "Weak minds sink under prosperity as well as adversity; but strong and deep ones have two high tides." - David Hare
  5. Well this isn't exactly a thread to promote my server......
  6. When did I say I wasn't going to use signature checking?
  7. Naturally...that's not a big deal to me though.
  8. I'll have to take a look at callExtension...thanks! ---------- Post added at 12:34 ---------- Previous post was at 12:32 ---------- People can and do frequently visit my server to "hack" it. That being said, I usually don't need to kick them...I scare them into leaving. So far it's been 100% successful, and I've had no repeat offenders (not to mention the players get a kick out of it every time).
  9. To be honest, I don't know. I only found the command a few hours ago and haven't tested it. However, after reading http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA:_Addon_Signatures I believe it will only run on connection...and CE only injects scripts post-connection as far as I know. So similar, yes...but not entirely effective.
  10. Read-only access of structured game files is a farcry from tapping a phone line....and not to get off topic but please for the love of God don't mistake a world-wide modern-day surveillance program for an isolated US gov't conspiracy, I'm so sick of this NSA BS.
  11. Well, read-only access really should be available, I'm just wondering if it's implemented. I just found the scripting forums so I think I'll throw my question up there as this looks like more of a conceptual forum =P My server name is Tilt3d's Wasteland [50+ Vehicles | Bases | Anti-Hack] ( currently. The base mission is very well optimized and I'm working to make it more interesting/cleaner all the time...however with the overwhelming number of "script-kiddies" my main goal right now is to come up with a solution to getting hacked. I do have some personal scripts and modded a few existing AH scripts so I can say my server is probably slightly more secure than others as well...but the CE injections are impossible to stop right so far...I'm not giving up though :alien: Please feel free to stop in! I'll be on ~5:30ish EST
  12. Erm, yea you are probably right. Didn't even think about repercussions of posting a link to a hack...silly innocent me =/
  13. Hi guys, This is my first post on any Arma game/mod! I am a software engineer by day, arma3 server owner/mission creator by night. Currently I am primarily running wasteland which keeps my server at a pretty constant 50/50 due to an optimized version and tons of people loving that game mode (although I hope my rendition of CTI will be even more popular :P). Naturally, as I am sure you are all aware, hackers are a pretty big problem. I know that BattlEye is on the horizon, but I'd really like to combat these little bastards right now. I am confident I can come up with a script to effectively end their ability to use script-injection, the only problem I have is needing the ability to scan client files. It would appear that most hacks in use are dependent on "Cheat Engine" script injector. As you'll note, this specific hacking menu replaces the inventory onLoad event with the custom script. My question is this: I am unaware of the abilities of sqf (I've only taken my first look 2 days ago). Do I have to ability to locate directories and read (at the bare minimum) client file sizes (or better yet, contents)? I am aware a service and/or third-party executable would be more than sufficient, but I (as I would assume most server admins) do not have root access to my server as I'm using a hosting company. Thanks in advance!