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  1. try replacing "crew" with "passenger"
  2. sudslv

    First person death

    Well, in "domination" map there is this feature: when you die, you will go into spectator mode so you can look into its files and see how they do it. most likely it has something do with event handlers.
  3. sudslv

    First person death

    something with this.
  4. I didn't quite understand what is your problem. So you are trying to make something like "Vehicle service" point? if yes, then its already included in arma 2 editor, in warfare (i think). You can later manipulate it with scripts.
  5. all people need to specify what they are talking about.
  6. sorry but are you talking about "Wasteland" map or what? originally in arma you cant interact with objects unless scripted to.
  7. people need to learn more about arma 2 scripting before they post questions that require moderate knowledge of .sqf syntax. its very hard to explain something then.
  8. Id suggest you to move to GUI, its a very easy to learn and use but its your choice if you prefer Action Menu.
  9. http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA_2:_Event_Handlers#MPRespawn i believe this.
  10. i want to make something simmilar as skill system but when player kills other players (all are independent). got any script snippet to help me out? and isnt "IND"(Independent) a Faction and "GUE"(Guerillas) SubFaction?
  11. So we are supposed to just imagine out your script and then fix it? and you should post this into island life forums.
  12. I want to make something similar to this, so if you come up with anything please share :)
  13. behavior as careless would be better as if they encounter enemy without ammo, they will either try to "surrender" or drive somewere far away. shorter aswell: tank1 setBehaviour "CARELESS";