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  1. What do you think about the "super secret weapon" Miller wants so much? Also, why did the CSAT launch a full-scale attack on Altis? IMO CSAT wanted to cooperate with AAF just to get this thing, when Kerry killed the SpecOps sent by the CSAT they attacked the island so they could get it back, this doesn't happen in the NATO ending though, AAF fails, CSAT's SpecOps are not dead and they get their weapon. What could CSAT do with the weapon? Also, if we go to Miller, from where does the CSAT attack? Did every unit on Altis get killed or MIA? Why didn't the NATO notice CSAT before the attack? If Kerry escapes, what do you think happens next? So many questions, DLC maybe?
  2. Hello all, while messing around with the animations Survive gave us I found an animation called "Acts_welcomeOnHUB01_PlayerWalk_3" It doesn't work though, any other ways to make the player walk automatically?
  3. I've been following this http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Campaign_Description.ext but I haven't understood... this is the campaign thing in the description.ext But when I try to play it at the end of the loading screen it goes back to the main menu, could you tell me what's wrong with it?
  4. Hello, I made two scripts, a timer and an enemy spawner. These two scripts get executed when two objects are destroyed but I was wondering, what happens if the mission is played in MP? These are the scripts: timer.sqf _minutes = 2; _counter = 59; while {_minutes >= 0} do { sleep 1; if(_counter > 9) then { hint format["Enemy arrival in 0%1:%2", _minutes, _counter]; }; if(_counter < 10) then { hint format["Enemy arrival in 0%1:0%2", _minutes, _counter] }; _counter = _counter - 1; if(_counter == -1) then { _counter = 59; _minutes = _minutes - 1; }; if(_counter == 0 && _minutes == 0) then { 0 = execVM "enemyspawn.sqf"; }; }; enemySpawn.sqf _spawnMarker = ["mrk1", "mrk2", "mrk3", "mrk4"] call BIS_Fnc_SelectRandom; hint format["%1", _spawnMarker]; _bombs = ["bomb1", "bomb2", "bomb3", "bomb4", "bomb5", "bomb6", "bomb7", "bomb8", "bomb9", "bomb10"]; _i = 0; while {_i < 8} do { _bombMarker = _bombs select _i; bomb = "Bo_GBU12_LGB" createVehicle getmarkerPos _bombMarker; _i = _i + 1; sleep 0.5; if(_i == 7) exitWith{hint "hello"}; //debug } sleep 5; _side = createCenter EAST; _group1 = [getMarkerPos _spawnMarker, _side, (configfile >> "CfgGroups" >> "East" >> "OPF_F" >> "Infantry" >> "OIA_InfSquad")] call BIS_Fnc_spawnGroup; _group1 doMove (getMarkerPos "TOWN_MARKER"); sleep 30; _spawnMarker = ["mrk1", "mrk2", "mrk3", "mrk4"] call BIS_Fnc_SelectRandom; _group2 = [getMarkerPos _spawnMarker, _side, (configfile >> "CfgGroups" >> "East" >> "OPF_F" >> "Infantry" >> "OIA_InfSquad")] call BIS_Fnc_spawnGroup; _group2 doMove (getMarkerPos "TOWN_MARKER"); If there are 4 players, do the scripts get executed 4 times? If yes, how can I prevent that? Thanks!
  5. Holden93

    Please BI add a photo mode

    It wouldn't be too hard to implement, you already have it for the editor to get camera coordinates but it's missing for normal singleplayer missions. Arma has great moments and I'm sure many people would love to make screenshots to remember those moments or share them.
  6. Holden93

    Please BI add a photo mode

    Not exactly what I was looking for but that's a start.
  7. Holden93

    Please BI add a photo mode

    Because it makes a screen of my point of view and the HUD is not hidden, honestly I don't want to go to the settings, disable it, make the screenshot and enable it again. having the possibility of doing screenshots like this http://media.moddb.com/images/games/1/15/14853/338497_230716933641711_192181357495269_589583_1933001_o.jpg would be awesome.
  8. I tried notepad++ and Arma Edit but I didn't like them, tried Squint as well and I like it because of intellisense but it has a few annoying problems, could you recommend me some?
  9. Hello! I'm working on a campaign and there is a side activity where some clues about the location of a sergeant who went crazy some days before are left around the AO, I'd like to save what the player found so I can keep track of what he did, is it possible with sqf?
  10. Holden93

    Save data into text file

    Thanks, easier than I expected, one more questions, what's the second argument for getVariables for? The default value?
  11. Holden93

    What's a good IDE for Arma?

    I tried eclipse and I liked it but as some said it's a bit outdated, tried Poseidon and it's amazing, thanks a lot!
  12. Hello, I'm working on a script that respawns a vehicle once it is destroyed but there is a problem, here's the code _vehicle = HUNTER_1; _respawnPos = "marker"; _vehicleType = typeOf _vehicle; waitUntil{!alive _vehicle}; hint "Mobile vehicle has been destroyed!"; sleep 5; deleteVehicle _vehicle; sleep 15; hint "Mobile vehicle got repaired!"; _vehicle = _vehicleType createVehicle (getMarkerPos _respawnPos); _vehicle execVM "vehicleRespawn.sqf"; When the code gets executed again, the _vehicle variable stores HUNTER_1, the problem is that when HUNTER_1 gets destroyed it does not exist anymore and the code will always spawn vehicles. How can I change the new spawned vehicle's name? Thanks.
  13. Just read more about isServer in the wiki, but to execute the scripts once shouldn't it be if(isServer) ?
  14. Just asking, it seems like this engine is simply broken.. EDIT: Sorry, wrong section, can a mod please move this?
  15. Holden93

    random weapon on table script

    Why don't you use a switch instead of all these if statements?
  16. Did they ever mention expansion packs? Not DLCs, real expansions like OA. *In the title I meant that, not the :|
  17. The atmosphere was something that can't be described, it all felt realistic, an alive world, in this last episode the immersion was awesome, it felt like a war.
  18. Holden93

    "HMS Proteus"?

    I hope a free DLC if they really need to make one.
  19. Hi, this is the code _unitCount = 0; while {_unitCount < 7} do { hint format ["%1", _unitCount]; //debug _unitCount = _unitCount + 1; _randomSpawn = ["marker1", "marker2", "marker3", "marker4"] call BIS_Fnc_SelectRandom; _group = [getMarkerPos "_randomSpawn", EAST (configfile >> "CfgGroups" >> "East" >> "OPF_F" >> "Infantry" >> "OIA_InfSquad")] call BIS_Fnc_spawnGroup; _group moveTo (getMarkerPos "avampost"); sleep 20; } The loop is not being executed, if I put the hint out of it it writes the exact value of _unitCount but if I put it inside it doesn't write anything. What's wrong with it? ---------- Post added at 08:00 ---------- Previous post was at 07:07 ---------- I fixed it, I forgot a comma after EAST, anyway the loop doesn't continue when it reaches _group moveTo, _unitCount always remains at 0 with and without the sleep command, why that? EDIT: Fixed this problem too, I wonder why moveTo and doMove are not working? _unitCount = 0; while {_unitCount < 7} do { _unitCount = _unitCount + 1; _randomSpawn = ["marker1", "marker2", "marker3", "marker4"] call BIS_Fnc_SelectRandom; hint format ["%1 %2", _unitCount, _randomSpawn]; _group = [getMarkerPos _randomSpawn, EAST, (configfile >> "CfgGroups" >> "East" >> "OPF_F" >> "Infantry" >> "OIA_InfSquad")] call BIS_Fnc_spawnGroup; _group move getMarkerPos "avampost"; sleep 20; };
  20. Holden93

    "HMS Proteus"?

    I don't like the cliffhangers in both of the endings.
  21. Maybe the title is a little bit confusing, just an example down here: if(!(alive gunner1 || alive gunner2)) then _x sideChat "One gunner is down! We need someone else on the HMG!"; So, if I'm right that condition should be checked as soon as the script is triggered, is there a way to, let's say check if it's true or false every frame and stop the game from checking it when the part of the mission where it's needed is done? As I said in the title without using a while loop or waitUntil, not because I don't like them but for optimization purpose. EDIT: Does the "rule" of the no brackets needed when there's only one string of code after the condition/loop apply to Arma?
  22. Hello, yesterday I finished "Win" in the dev branch and I switched back to the normal branch today. In one of the missions a squad is getting suppressed by the enemy and the AI uses cover and stances like the one we can use by pressing CTRL+A or D. Is it scripted? Did they change their animation? If yes, since I never tried, do they automatically shoot if I tell them to switch to that animation? Also, they never went prone but they could crouch and stand up.