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  1. Hi all, I currently run a GoT Wasteland server and I am trying to integrate this, once I unpack the PBO file and put the information into the Init.sqf, I put the Statsave folder in the addons folder of the mission file and point it to the right place in the Init.sqf. When I join the server it tells me that it has loaded my stats but it doesn't, will it be a case that the mission file is somehow overriding the stats?
  2. Carnage

    [MP/Team] Sa-Matra's Wasteland

    Do you mean TPG, on the 404 wasteland file only mentions 1.06? Can't find which one you mean?
  3. Carnage

    [MP/Team] Sa-Matra's Wasteland

    All I'm looking for is a community of players to play with on my server,recently with TPG and GoT my server has a really low player count despite having a free teamspeak and forums, literally can't give it away.
  4. Carnage

    [MP/Team] Sa-Matra's Wasteland

    Hi all, I have emailed my details through and never heard anything back, I host a 40 slot GoT wasteland server via Vilayer hosting. However it's not getting a massive amount of traffic at the moment unlike the Sa-Mantra servers. Is there a reason why I didn't receive a reply?