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  1. i dont even start arma3 anymore. neither one of my mates. taking more than ONE WEEK for a HOTFIX for a 60$ game (that is UNPLAYABLE at the moment) is way too long. are all developers already working on something else? all switched to dayz? all on holiday? do you really think the game is finished now after your "release"? come on... please... :/
  2. Hi there, dont know where else to ask, so I ask in general ;) I bought a i5 4570 and a new mainboard and a ssd. So now there's just the graphic card left, that needs to get updated (got a radeon 4650 or something like that at the moment :D). So what graphic card would you buy for this system? It shouldnt slow the fps in this system, but neither do I need a really big graphic card. I really have to care for the money, so i would get the cheapest with the best perfomance in this price category. thanks for your help, cheers DocSnug
  3. DocSnug

    PhysX3_x86.dll Crash

    4 fuckin days of crashes. everyone is pissed and no one can play. no information and no hotfix. gratz bi...
  4. hey there, i have a nice new cpu, mainboard and ssd but i have to wait a few weeks to get a new gpu. until then i have to improve my gpu usage. on my old crappy computer i had a gpu usage in the game of 20-40% (with my radeon 4650). Now it s on 99% and my frames drop because of my gpu, but i have all ingame settings on low. I dont know what and where i changed some stuff in any config files, to improve my fps. can anyone help?:)
  5. i just got a new mainboard, cpu and ssd and installed arma3 but now it s in german but i want to play in english. is there any chance to switch without reinstalling? thanks :) ---------- Post added at 14:09 ---------- Previous post was at 13:54 ---------- ahh nice, done! just change in the arma3.cfg the language to "English" ;)
  6. hey there how can I find servers (or coop mission for a small amount of people) that are using mods? especially i'm looking to play this weapon mod http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?160599-NATO-SF-and-Russian-Spetsnaz-WEAPONS-for-A3/page13 but how can I find the servers? thanks for your help
  7. hey there! wow this mod looks very nice. thats the weapon feeling i need to have when playing arma:) but how can i find out what servers are using this mod already? is there a list of servers using this? or can i even search in the ingame server list? (sorry for this maybe dumb question and my bad english ;) ) by the way i'm especially interested to play at sandbox servers like wasteland. cheers docsnug
  8. and there are nice sandbox missions with these weapon maps available that are people playing? then i really need to test it! but in the beta i tried to install chernarus+ and i failed to install it (lol) but my mates couldnt really play dayZ with arma3 engine because of too many bugs all the time. dunno maybe it's better now, but i really didnt want to play a arma2 mod thats in beta stadium (dayZ), that got copied with all the bugs into a arma 3 beta. i really played too many alphas and betas and unfinished games lately. cant really play a bugged beta mod in a bugged beta game. TOO many bugs. can't handle this anymore ^^ but i ll try the mods, thanks! ---------- Post added at 19:50 ---------- Previous post was at 19:47 ---------- How can I find server that are using this weapon mod?
  9. Ya I played the Alpha and Beta and was all the time waiting for more weapons. 40+ weapons at release they said. but they didnt say that trg and trg eglm count as 2 totally different weapons lol. In reality there are only katiba, mx, ebr, trg and mk20 assault rifles. MK200 and zafir as machine guns and the 2 sniper rifles. thats NOT much! (and i hate this future shit but okay thats a different story and only my opinion...)
  10. ya okay but are there any nice wasteland/sandbox servers that use that kind of weapon and map mods? It makes no sense to download them if there are no servers (that are running well). I'm pretty sure Sa-Matra would have added a Wasteland (it's a mission and no mod at the moment afaik. i guess it was easier to create this way) server with Chernarus and all those weapons if they were officially released. I know there WILL be some really cool mods with "normal" weapons. But this will take some months or years. I just didn't expect a war simulator with only 4 future assault rifles. Too bad I have to wait again so long to play this cool engine with a nice realistic atmosphere and not this future bs ;) cheers
  11. So they wont add any "normal" assault rifles? And an official Chernarus map won't be released by BI until DayZ standalone? Is that right? That would be pretty sad :-/ Maybe my expectations were too high... I really love the engine with all the view and look around while running and so on. But the people who decided what to add into Arma3 have no style imo. Just sad...
  12. hey there I played Arma2 OA's mods DayZ and Wasteland ALOT and really enjoyed it. I'm playing Arma3 Sa-Matras Wasteland since alpha. It's already very nice, but I really hate Stratis. It's one of the worst maps I've ever seen for this kind of mod. Altis seems to be a nice map, but i guess it s MUCH too large for Sa-Matras/Inchs 40-60 player servers. I guess you need a jet to survive on this map lol. As well I was waiting all the alpha and beta for MORE and not so futuristic weapons and vehicles. Especially I wanted to see a M24, DMR, M16, AKs and so on. I really thought it wont be too hard to update them into the game, especially because you could have used Arma2's weapon stats and design? Dunno, I just hope you dont want to sell every 2-3 months a new addon with some weapons. Ok enough of my whining, now the MOST important question: WHEN do you add Chernarus? WHEN and WILL you add new Assault Rifles and Sniper weapons? or do you wait until other players did all the work and add it themself? I just dont care alot for vehicles and stuff. Thats why I play sandbox games like sa-matras wasteland and really enjoy them. I like to stealth around and spot people and change locations after a few kills. And I'm a little tired of Katiba and MX(-M, -C), EBR weapons. TRG and MK20 is just too shitty for mid and long range ^^
  13. thanks alot sneakson! i will try to get the CPU and Motherboard this month. then i ll check out if i need hdd or graphic card first. then i get 4gb more of ram and a new chassis i think. then i m fine ;)
  14. thanks so far. tried this GPU_MaxFramesAhead=1; GPU_DetectedFramesAhead=1 and disabled everything you said (view distance, objects terrain and particles were low before) imo it's a little bit faster now. so do you think i should get a new cpu and mainboard first? then next month a graphic card and in 2 months a new hdd and i should be fine?:) any advices what to buy in the cheaper sortiment? thanks!