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    How do I access my old CD key?

    I forgot to say, when he gifted it I had to completely reinstall arma 2 OA and it kept giving me the message saying I have a CD key for multiplayer, so I think it was new. ---------- Post added at 19:14 ---------- Previous post was at 18:05 ---------- Bump.
  2. Ickbarr

    How do I access my old CD key?

    Oh no, he bought it new from steam and gifted it to me VIA their gifting system, there's no way it could have been used unless it's a problem on Steam. I got Aram 2: CO originally from Steam during one of the sales.
  3. Ickbarr

    How do I access my old CD key?

    I have no idea, I logged into a wasteland server and it said I was globally banned (#first few numbers of my BE GUID). I've looked into it and people are saying it happens when you hack, and I've never hacked nor do I have hacks on my computer, and I'm the only person who uses my computer so I'm very confused, I contacted BE but they haven't responded.
  4. I had arma 2: CO and a friend had gifted me the complete pack of arma which includes all the expansions, it repladed my arma 2 OA which in turn replaced the key, I log in today and I was globally banned by BE, is there any way I can get the old key back? This is all done on Steam by the way.