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  1. feldmaus

    changing user profile

    This syntax does not work for me, i still get the error message of wrong expression, _arr1 = parseSimpleArray copyFromClipboard; //looks fine hint _arr1; //looks fine _arr1 = parseSimpleArray copyFromClipboard; hint _arr1; //gives me expression error
  2. feldmaus

    changing user profile

    @Dedmen, thanks there is an expression error: https://imgur.com/X3ULqqo EDIT: upps, my mistake i forgot to run the mission and then execute the debug console. The Text i get looks like, http://dpaste.com/3M1EHZA.txt Is the Text i got well formated? But however, even when i don't get an error message, during set up my new profile keybindings, he doesn't set this to my new profile.
  3. Good morning, i want to change my user profile but wanna keep my old ACE/TFAR/ACRE key settings. How to do that? I still imported my old ARMA 3 Vanilla key setting, but need my mods key settings too. regards
  4. feldmaus

    prevent costs by getting banned

    Will my GUID be forgotten by the server after several days? Do they need only my GUID?
  5. Hello, i am owner of ARMA3 and all DLC's. One of my favorite game server is managed by admins who don't share my opinion in game play, so they harassed me and decided to close my forum account. The chance to get a ban because of dislike on their server is high, but that's not the problem. They are using a shared ban list, which means when i get on their server again and they really want to ban me than i am banned on many other servers too. Currently they don't have my PlayID i think. But i wanna try to play further on their server. In case that they ban me i want to save money. How to do that? If i am banned, do i have to buy only another main ARMA 3 Game or all additional staff(DLC's) too? Can i buy another ARMA 3 game for cheap and add it to my Steam account? How to buy annother ARMA 3 game on Steam if i still have one? And how to select them form playing multiplayer? regards
  6. Hello, how to set several specific type of wounds to a Patient, to one body part? I am using the following line, [Zivilist, 1.0, "leg_r", "bullet"] call ace_medical_fnc_addDamageToUnit; but i can only add 1 wound. Even when i make this, [Zivilist, 1.0, "leg_r", "bullet"] call ace_medical_fnc_addDamageToUnit; [Zivilist, 1.0, "leg_r", "bullet"] call ace_medical_fnc_addDamageToUnit; [Zivilist, 1.0, "leg_r", "bullet"] call ace_medical_fnc_addDamageToUnit; i only get 1 wound. And the second Problem is, that the wound i add to the patient seems to be a random type. I need specific wounds not random type of wounds. cheers
  7. feldmaus

    ACE Medical, how much CPR's

    So this means, that some of the code didnt change in the last years? I cant see any changes at the file ACE_Medical_Treatments.hpp.
  8. feldmaus

    ACE Medical, how much CPR's

    Thanks very much, i will think about your info. :-) Here is the link to the 3.12.2 SourceCode, https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/releases/latest
  9. feldmaus

    ACE Medical, how much CPR's

    Ok thats complicated. Are there only this 2 states(revive and cardiac arrest)? Or are there different revive states and cardiac arrest?
  10. feldmaus

    ACE Medical, how much CPR's

    How to differ between "revive state" and "cardiac arrest"?
  11. feldmaus

    ACE Medical, how much CPR's

    @Belbo, but on my community server, i often got people alive again witout PAK. Maybe i have to increase the blood presure and the then when the patient's pressure is high enough give him an epinephrine(to wake up) and then a CPR again?!
  12. feldmaus

    ACE Medical, how much CPR's

    push, is there a way to get a sneak into the current Code? The master branch seems not to be televant for ACE 3.12.x.x.
  13. feldmaus

    ACE Medical, how much CPR's

    Its not my server, i am talking about! I am just a guest.
  14. feldmaus

    ACE Medical, how much CPR's

    For me it looks that this code is not actually. We are using ACE 3.12.x.x and the last modify date of your linked code is 1-2 years old.
  15. Hello, if the patient is in the revive state, how much CPR's may/can i do? Should i execute CPR until the patient gets a pulse rate over 40? Or as long as the patient is not responisve? In normal life, the CPR can be done until the patient gets a normal breathing, i think this should be around pulse rate of 40? Which states does exist? (Explanation/Declaration) Regards