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    Arma 2 Need Friends :D

    Hi, I've recently bought Arma 2 complete collection from steam and need friends to play with, if anyone is interested private message me and i'll send you my steam ID, I'm quite new to this game so i'm still learning how to play lol! i've watched a couple of tutorial's online and know the basics of the game :) Thanks Qasim
  2. qasimh1993

    Tophe's Arma Dedicated Server Tool

    Thank you so much got it working! your a star :D
  3. Hi, I'm trying to create my own dedicated server to play with a friend via steam, every time I create a server and try to join it says 'wait on host', Ping is on 2500 and the map is blank however I'm sure I have selected the map correctly and tried downloading a map from online and tried copying and pasting into the mpmission folder however still no luck :( . Help will be appreciated I'm using the complete collection of Arma 2 Thanks Qasim
  4. qasimh1993

    Arma 2 Need Friends :D

    Thank you for your reply i'll do that, at the moment i'm playing the tutorials :D I'm struggling to create my own server, me and my friend want to play but i don't know how to host my server so both of us can play, any ideas? Thanks