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  1. safetyturtle

    AV-8B Harrier 2 Series Standalone

    Just got this amazing mod and have a few questions as there are some things that are confusing me. (I've been away from the game for a couple of years so that may also be why). When trying to go into VTOL, I don't seem to be able to adjust the nozzle orientation when on the ground, only when in the air, and when I land they pop back to their "normal" position, is this a bug or am I potentially doing something wrong? There also seems to be no way to see the orientation of the nozzles from inside the cockpit, is this correct? Thank you for creating this mod, the Harrier is my favorite jet and I can't wait to get better at flying it in Arma. Cheers!
  2. I've recently returned to ARMA 3 after a longer break and want to get a running start with a squad...I've been looking for a squad before, earlier last year, but due to some personal things it never really took off sadly. Now I'm back and wanna get stuck in but I do have a few certain things I'm looking for. Looking for a mature realism squad using modern day mods (not big into the near-future stuff). My main interest is fixed wing flying and would like to do that within a squad...I've been flying the A10C and Harrier mods and would like to continue to do so if possible. I live in Denmark so looking for an English speaking squad around that timezome (GMT+1). I don't have alot of experience with ARMA 3 but I'm a quick learner and prefere a structured squad that takes the milsim/realism aspect serious but in a fun way. I don't mind doing some land based playing but as mentioned my main interest is aviation (I also play DCS A-10C and other modules outside of ARMA 3). May have a friend who's looking to join as well, though not 100% sure on his preference regarding land, air, etc. Will gladly give any additional info that may be needed.
  3. I'm a fairly new player in ARMA 3, I've played some of the "introduction" missions and have a reasonable grasp on the basic controls (though I'm still getting my rear end handed to me by the AI) and I thought I would proberbly get more fun out of the game if I found someone to play multiplayer with. I'm looking for a realism/milsim squad, though also a squad that will help a rookie find his feet in the game, but the more realistic the better! I live in Denmark so prefere an english speaking squad close to that timezone (GMT+1). Can't promise I will be active daily as I have other hobbys that take some of my time but I'm all for weekly training and the like.