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  1. I usually have it set to Recruit. I'm really not all that god, and if I set it any higher I tend to get killed too quickly, and I end up not enjoying the game.
  2. I know this has been mentioned a TON...but I figure I'd just throw out my 2 cents. If I could only get one thing, it would be weapon resting/bipod functionality. It just blows my mind that a game like this doesn't already have it. I have tried the TMR Addon. It works wonderfully on a fresh mission. But once I do a 'save' and then 'resume', the TMR AddOn no longer works. We shouldn't have to rely on AddOns for something as basic as weapon resting/bipod functionality anyway...it should be in the base game. (My opinion anyway) I sure hope they add it.
  3. Kasich40

    TMR Modular Realism

    I'm sorry if this has already been talked about. There are many pages in this thread. I skimmed them & didn't see anything that addresses my issue. It is very weird. I downloaded & installed TMR (along with CBA_A3_beta4) about 2 days ago. I love it for the weapon resting & bipod functionality. I'm finding out now though, that if I start a mission (in scenarios) from the beginning, I seem to have use of the weapon resting and bipods... BUT if I Save & Exit, the next time I go into that mission, I can no longer have the bipod & weapon resting functionality. I have to totally restart the mission to get weapon resting & bipod useage back. This seems to happen in all scenarios -- even the 'Weapon Resting & Bipods' tutorial that is included in the download for this AddOn. The only AddOn I am running is TMR (with CBA_A3). I am using no other AddOns at this time. My initial installation was done like this: (1) Put the @tmr folder in the following directory: D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3 (2) Put the Keys folder in the following directory: D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3 (3) Put the @CBA_A3f older in the following directory: D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3 (4) Start ARMA 3 & go into Expansions (in the main menu) and enable everything. Restart the game. (5) Go into Expansions (in the main menu) and enable everything again that isn't already enabled (since new expansions pop up after step #4). Restart the game again. (6) Go into Expansions (in the main menu) and ensure that EVERYTHING is now enabled. It is. To try to remedy the issue I talked about above, I tried the following things: (1) I went into 'Expansions' and disabled EVERYTHING but ARMA 3, and restarted the game. Then I re-enabled EVERYTHING & restarted the game. The issue I mentioned above still persists. (2) I removed the @tmr folder, @CBA_A3 folder, and I removed TMR.bikey from the Keys folder. I then re-downloaded the @tmr folder and the Keys folder & put them in the same directory I mentioned above. The issue still persists. (3) I removed the @CBA_A3 folder (which was CBA_A3_beta4), and replaced it with the @CBA_A3 folder from CBA_A3_beta3. After doing this the weapon resting & bipod functionality did not work at all. Has anyone else come across this issue? Or is it only me? I can't figure out what I might be doing wrong. Can anyone help? If I cannot get this AddOn to work, is there maybe another good weapon resting & bipod AddOn for Arma 3 that I could try?
  4. I'm sure this has already been talked about in this thread, but trying to find it in the 43 pages of posts here was a bit daunting. So my apologies for bringing this up again if it has already been addressed... The other night when I was playing the SP scenario, I got to the part where I had just taken out the mortar team & was taking over the camp just north of LZ Conner (I can't remember then name of the camp right now...sorry). OPFOR was counter-attacking & I was trying to defend the camp when my FPS dropped down to 5 frames/second. I hoped it was only temporary, but the problem stayed and I had to restart the whole scenario from scratch. I see you put in your latest notes the following: "Else very awesome Blastcore may cause heavy suddent FPS loss after 1-1,5h playing. Avoid playing the mission with the current version of the mod." This is definitely the problem I had. The reason for this post is that I'm not totally sure what 'Blastcore' is. Is that the name of a mission? Is it the one that I am talking about?...or maybe it happened to me at a different part of the scenario? At any rate, this is definitely my favorite scenario that I've played in Arma 3. Very well done. I think I'm going to DL the MP version tonight & play it with a friend. Thanks!
  5. If any of you newbies would like to get together & just try to learn the game & figure things out together, look for me as CARNOLD on Steam. I too am a newbie & am finding myself a bit overwhelmed. I have a TeamSpeak channel that we could use if needed. I live in the U.S. and speak English. My timezone is EST. I am a 40 year old casual player although I try to get on almost everyday for a bit.
  6. I'm brand new at the ARMA series, and to be honest I'm a bit overwhelmed. I'm looking for some players that are either new like me & want to learn the game together...or experienced players who can lend a hand. I'm not looking for any type of serious commitment. I mostly would just like to get to know people that want to try different missions & have some fun doing it. I have my own 15-player TeamSpeak channel, so we could use that if needed. I live in the U.S. and only speak English. My timezone is EST. I am CARNOLD on Steam. Feel free to contact me there.