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    User Mission Request Thread

    How about a mission like this: Somebody hi-jacks a Boeing 777 and flies it to some airfield in Yemen, Africa....wherever. You have to send in a team to rescue 279 passengers and recover the aircraft. Obviously eliminate the perpetrators.
  2. gregb41352

    Key Bindings help

    I haven't seen this answered and I'm not seeing the keys in the Control Menu. Dyslexi mentions stance up/stance down.....all I can find is stand up, crouch and go prone.......which if you repeat the key stroke, you stand up. Where are the key commands to change from prone to low prone, I'm trying to say the various iterations from prone on up to standing.......Where are those keys to map on the controls menu? I know I'm missing the obvious but it's seriously getting to me........ Thanks......noob, sorry
  3. gregb41352

    WW1 Mod - ArmA 2 CO

    Very excited about this. WWI "buff" (I hate that word).......this will fill a great void. Thanks for working on it.