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  1. Haha, I got bored so I played Bloons tower defense while waiting for DayZ to finish installing, I got bored again and ran Cheat engine to just break the game. I forgot to close Cheat engine afterwards
  2. really, It kicks me because of cheat engine, Cheat engine really... That's just... there is no nice way to say this. Its just F*****
  3. G'day Nitebomber here, I used to play Day Z a lot back about six months. I decided I'd play Day Z again so I'd download ArmA2 via steam and have some more zombie shannigans, but Battle eye decided to flag my guid with a gamehack, It comes up with Player Kicked from server :Battle eye (Battle eye:gamehack #34) . I don't understand why, I litteraly just reinstalled ArmA2 and DayZ commander. Can someone explain to me why battle eye would think I've got a gamehack applied when I just installed ArmA2:CO and DayZ commander. Also, If I file a support claim to Battle Eye do I need to state the #34 or is there something else I need to state to them? TL;DR:Battle eye thinks I am hacking. Says Gamehack #34 ArmA2 has been installed less than 2 hours.