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  1. Hi there, I've spent the last 4 hours searching for a solution with no avail, please help. I am trying to get a group of 5 Neoprene Opfor bombers to drop LOM 250G bombs on a target, have removed all other ammunition from the planes and attempted various different attack way points. (Destroy, Seek & Destory, Guard, Fire Mission) The area to be bombed has a few Cheetahs without any missiles in them, not sure if this is causing them to take evasive action and i've set the waypoint as careless to add. Open to any suggestions! - Strannix
  2. strannix

    Chopper Engine On Help

    I've managed to get it to fly a litter closer to the time the transport helicopter departs by using a trigger with "player action["engineOn", Name]" on activation for the 'Join' waypoint. Not as good as I would like it, would be nice if it was more synchronized, planned on having x2 escort helicopters but hey ho... http://tinypic.com/r/2vmf3hl/9
  3. Hello, Trying to get a chopper to start it's engine but stay on the helipad until the 'Join' way point has been synchronized with a 'Get In' waypoint on another helicopter. Essentially im trying to get the escort attack helicopter to lift off at the same time as the transport helo. At current it starts it's engines after the transport helo is airborne with the trans helo waiting in mid air for the ATK helo to catch up. Using the Engine On Command seems to force the chopper to hover mid air until it's 'Join' waypoint has synchronized. Amateur developer here, have been stuck on this one for a while, your help would be greatly appreciated. - Strannix
  4. Hi, How do you set a an AI's gun stance to elevated? I'm also trying to get a handgun to holster being the only weapon on an AI Unit. Many thanks for replies in advance! - Strannix EDIT: set handgunoffstand this; Pretty thoughtful it's along the lines of this ^^
  5. Hi, How do I turn on collision lights on a Player controlled aircraft in mission editor? This works fine for switching on lights/collision lights on vehicles/planes when grounded, does not work for Aircraft in the air. null=[] spawn { while {true} do { player action ["lightOn", AA1]; sleep 0.01};}; - Strannix
  6. strannix

    ARMA 3 RAM Performance

    I've never used RAM drive and have a Samsung 850 120GB Evo however my steam library runs off a 1TB WD HDD. I've made some pretty densely populated custom missions and would like to know how to better run them. Assuming what loopdk said that Arma 3 only utilizes a certain amount of RAM, DDR4 timings should bridge the gap to make some difference.
  7. strannix

    ARMA 3 RAM Performance

    Sup, Would 32GB of DDR4 RAM make any difference to my custom mission performance? Current CPU: 4790K @ 4.4Ghz GPU: Asus 6950 RAM: 6GB DDR3 PSU: Jeantech 850w - Col. Strannix
  8. strannix

    Add continuous sound to object

    Anyone know how to do this for a weapon on a vehicle? Need a sound to play everytime the trigger is pressed on an aircraft.
  9. Hi Is there a way to play a custom sound when a missile is fired from an Aircraft? I have some recordings of the different missile ID's they shout over the radio to HQ when using either AIM9 or 120. IE "Fox 3". Im guessing it can be achieved from within the editor? Or perhaps the actual missile firing sounds would need to be edited. - Strannix
  10. Hi Im having problems linking the afterburner to my joystick. I assigned the mentioned key in the first post (User Action 3) but no avail. Have also tried seagull fast forward and the other known ones. If anyone knows because I am designing a mission and have chosen this mod to feature as the interception craft.
  11. I have like a seriously cool Almyra Airbase, no mods needed. Best Arma 3 Base imo.....
  12. strannix

    Radio chat

    Awesome game....
  13. strannix


    Record and format the file?
  14. It is in the original script, trying to get it to work on the Almyra runway. - Strannix Update: It's working now!... Thnx!