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    Flight sims back to 1985. Currently mostly DCS, some FSX and Orbiter.

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    Retired toolmaker, age 62. Navy SeaBees a long time ago.
  1. DieHard109

    What Are Some Popular Servers That Allow...

    In the Arma 3 Multiplayer, enter the Filter, input USARMYVETS DOMINATION (all caps). The TeamSpeak 3 server is currently The moderator is George. His server is up mid-morning hours Eastern Time Zone and evenings. He lets people join and the players can fly / drive anything in his inventory. He has some very cool embellishments he has added, found nowhere else. But, be warned, he will not put up with the crap of abuse and the troll type people. Cheers.
  2. My Scenario mission files need to be thinned down. Some work fine, some do not. Want to keep some of them, dump some and reload others. How do I do this?
  3. Hi, I have Windows 7 Pro, 64-bit, a tower PC. I have not played my Steam copy of Arma 3 for awhile. Couple days ago Steam updated my Arma 3 to the current version. In the process of doing the update, my CH Products controllers of Fighterstick, Pro Throttle and Pro Pedals, their Action\Configure Action commands to substitute the keyboard settings were omitted. I still had the original keyboard commands. And this has also happened to me from the Alpha to Beta update and the Beta to the first out of Beta update. I want to make a copy of the files and keep them safe. Where in My Computer, within Windows Explorer, is this file located? I think it is located in Documents\My Documents\Arma 3 (and also) Documents\My Documents\Arma 3 - other profiles Is this correct? Thanks for any help.
  4. DieHard109

    Steverapps Armory for ARMA 3 BETA

    Thanks for all the great helicopters to play with. I have a question. I purchased the Steam ArmA 3 Alpha Deluxe Edition on June 7, 2013. When I updated to the Beta, and selecting the Development package, I only get about half the helicopters you have in your download. Did you do anything differently to obtain all the helicopters, ground vehicles, weapons and other stuff? Playing on one of the Multiplayer servers, the parachute can be used in the CH-49 Mohawk, once the parachute is put on. Using the drop-down menu---EJECT, using the mouse. Once out, the same menu, OPEN PARACHUTE. Floating down, the guy looks dead, but upon landing he is quite alive. Thanks for any insights if anybody chooses to reply.
  5. DieHard109

    looking for EU coop server hack free

    Using the Multiplayer filter, input GRAVES. They have a server in Chicago and Seattle, both---USA. Those servers will not put up with any of the crap.
  6. (1) One shot, one kill. See my item (2). (2) MOVE! Change location, the AI guys are not stupid. A 1500 meter shot with the .408 rifle, I am far enough away that the enemy AI's rounds to me drop short, so there is no need to move. I use the SOS scope, the 4th dot below center of the scope's reticule for elevation at 1500 meters. The Beta has added kick-back after a round is fired. Lonewolfing does have its disadvantages and why a wingman would be useful. The AI guys will try a flanking maneuver to get behind me, so beware of that---LOL! Do not get too cozy in your sniper perch. I do not like the other sniper rifle as it drops too much, but that rifle has a different purpose than the .408 . (I was a M-60 machine gunner and we had a crew of guys of ammo carriers, and 3 guys carried the weapon in breakdown pieces. We all had M-16 rifles as a semi-defense backup. Yet, life expectancy on that weapon in an all out enemy charge was about 2 minutes, if that. A M-60 crew is not stealthy, I know, just saying.) (3) Being shunned? I have not found this to be true on the servers in ArmA 3 Alpha or Beta running Annex or Domination, but who cares? I do not. I am not much of a team player and why I like the sniper scenario. If I cannot find a Multiplayer server to my liking, I just move on and find another one. I play wee hours NY time zone, most of the servers are not very populated. (4) I agree, a wind factor would be a challenge and interesting. Ditto with flying the helicopters and also add Vortex Ring State for the hotshot 'copter pilots that think they can fly toy helicopters. When I go out as sniper I add satchel charges and a rebreather to add to my versatility and usefulness. In real life, I doubt that .408 rifle is friendly in sea water. As sniper, whether as Ranger or SEAL/UDT, ArmA 3 is fun! ArmA 3 is the only infantry type "game" I have tried since 1985 when I started PC gaming. I would like to find a USA-football game this good. And thanks to the guys that host 24/7 servers.