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    Patrol Ops?

    Hello 86 & OCB, just want to congratulate and thank you for putting so much time and effort into Patrol Ops. Our clan currently has a DMM A2 Patrol Ops server still running on a regular basis and cannot wait for the public release of PO3. I was fortunate enough to log on and get a small taste of PO3 (patrol_ops_b3RC2.Altis, not sure if it was OCB's server) the other day and immediately noticed how much fun PO3 is going to be for some time to come and also predict that it will once again be one of the few classic must haves' for A3. I have also been playing the same map mentioned above in editor and would like to ask permission to play/test with some of my other DMM clan members ONLY and start preparing & planning for PO3 public release? If your answer is yes then I will a sure you that any issues will be reported. If not, then that is fine and I fully understand and will not share with anyone until the public release and continue to play alone in editor.:) Cheers & Good job 86 & OCB...
  2. BandatBam

    List of supported devices

    I will purchase this game when it's available for S3 or Note 8.0. So take your time BIS and do a good/proper job preparing Arma Tactics for my Galaxy Note 8.0. Until then I'll continue to play Breach & Clear on my Galaxy Note 8.0. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gun.bnc&hl=en
  3. Yes PetraCephas , I'm getting the same problem with any helicopter on a map that I had working stably with no issues!!! I have been trying to figure out why for the past 8 - 10 hrs..... going to get some rest and will continue tomorrow. I have already tried disabling all my mods and saving/repack/pbo and nothing! I really do not think it's your mods. If anyone can figure something out please help us! SOS! 0.74 update has caused many pop up, "Error Undefined variable in expression:" I've tried everything and no success.... Also noticed on another map that helicopter can fly without any MROT problems but Mi-48 and Comanche rockets will not lock on in pilot/ manual fire mode but will lock in gunner position... ---------- Post added at 06:29 ---------- Previous post was at 06:14 ---------- I just found this and will have a closer look tomorrow, man those //AHOYWORLD dudes are badass. http://www.ahoyworld.co.uk/topic/1769-heli-crash-at-spawn/
  4. BandatBam

    CO25 Invade and Annex Occupation Mash up

    Hey MassAsster, Brilliant! I really like this mash up of a mission and would love to try and use it on my clans server, with your permission of course! I have added a few things to v4 and everything was working fine until A3 beta 0.74 update release! Cannot fly helicopters, safe zone destroys them as soon as you get in. "No lift" on load up(can not figure out how to get heli lift working), receiving various, "Error Undefined variable in expression:" reports after load up. Just downloaded v6 and same error's. I know you may be busy, but do have any plans to continue updating your BadAss Inv&Annex Occupation mash up of a mission so it runs smoothly with this latest A3 0.74 update? How soon until you next update release?