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  1. I have to say that script sounds great, but i don't know how to script... I'm not going to ask anyone to do it for me unless they don't mind and if it's fairly simple. Otherwise i am just going to hope for suggestions based on triggers, while i search the forum and the web at the same time. thx anyway ---------- Post added at 03:37 ---------- Previous post was at 03:24 ---------- I found a discussion about triggers activated by this code: (player distance thistrigger) < viewDistance So i decided to try it for my situation, combined with another code: not alive Tank1 and (Tank1 distance this trigger) < 500 It works. Again, i knew it could be done with a simple code in a trigger, i guess i am creating very simple and noob missions because i just dont see the need for scripts XD I am still open to suggestions by the way, anything smarter i am whilling to learn. thx anyway
  2. Hi I am trying to do the following exercise: There are two bases, A and B. And one patrol unit (lets say Tank1) in the area between bases. I would like that if the tank gets destroyed closer to one of the bases, only units from that base would come for help. So if Tank1 gets destroyed closer to base A, only units from that base will be alerted, and none from base B. I humbly tried like i explain below, it didn’t work but I am posting it anyway because maybe there is just something i need to add or something little i have to change, although i am open to script suggestions, i would like to avoid using any for now, i have been told its a better solution for most of situations, but plz if i can get it by using triggers or gamelogic it will be easier for me at the moment. I used two triggers, each one covering half of the area between bases. I set both triggers to meet this condition in order to activate: Not alive Tank1 I grouped the triggers with Tank1 and syncronized one trigger with the starting waypoint of a unit in Base A and the other trigger with the starting waypoint of a unit in Base B. I grouped the triggers with Tank1 and set them to be activated by “Presentâ€, because i was thinking this would mean the triggers would only activate if Tank1 was in the trigger area when destroyed. So the other trigger wouldn’t activate, simpy because Tank1 wasn’t destroyed in its area. And if Tank1 was destroyed not in both of the triggers area, then none would activate… But i was wrong, both triggers activate when Tank1 gets destroyed, either when he is in or out of the triggers area. So plz help and thx anyway
  3. thx for your reply i just learn a few more things from it and i bet it will work if i try it, but i managed to solve it. I guess the last trigger which is the one that is suppose to alert other units just need to respect these conditions: patrol1 knowsabout player > 1 and alive radiomanpatrol1 so if i kill the radioman, the trigger wont activate, and that way i won't have to deal with enemy reinforcements XD i knew this had to be simple, i was getting so frustrated -.- i guess i dont need that "busted = true" for anything thx anyway
  4. yes a little well my ignorance about scripting and triggers and gamelogic commands is all my fault, i actually downloaded from various sites tutorials on how to script for OFP, and stuff about triggers, etc but i just never really had the time for it. The problem is that when i do have time i just try to create missions even though i know i probably will get stuck at some point XD but still plz someone tell me what is wrong with my last trigger: condition: busted = true and alive radiomanpatrol1
  5. Nikiller thank you for your time, i wasn’t expecting someone to write me a script, but i guess it wasn’t that complicated for you… As much i appreciate your help here is my problem with your script: As soon as i attack the patrolling unit, the reinforcements immediatly come. I wanted to have a time of about 10 secs before any unit could be called in for help, because if i could kill the all patrol in time, that wouldn’t happen. Or instead of killing the all patrol, maybe just one specific soldier, like the “radio manâ€. If u kill him, the unit can’t call for help. I have a few questions about your demo too: how come u don't need to name the units? how the game knows who is suppose to launch the flare and who comes as reinforcements? How u didn’t need to synchronize anything? I don’t get it why the reinforcements don’t simply follow their waypoints since they don’t have to wait for any other unit or trigger. Lastely how the game knows its suppose to execute the script, i don’t see anywhere something saying: exec “scriptname.sqs†I still wonder if i can’t just do it the way i was trying, i would still like to know what is wrong with my 3rd step, that last trigger: condition: busted = true and alive radiomanpatrol1 isn’t this condition correct and enough to do what i want? It’s suppose to trigger other units as reinforcements if the patrols spotted na enemy (busted = true), and if the radioman is alive. Plz help and thx anyway
  6. Hi If u want a long story short just jump to: “So actually the deal is†or “Next is the part which isn’t working†I am trying to build this "search and destroy" mission during night time and i wanted that any enemy patrols guarding the area, specially those isolated would be able to do a little more then just engage the player, for instance try to alert other units or call in for reinforcements. Has i have said on other posts i don’t know how to script and i am still very ignorant on how to do most things through triggers and game logic, i just don’t understand how people know what to put in the conditions fields, activation, etc, so the OFP engine knows what we want. Anyway i am trying to get a patrol to be able to alert other units after spotting the player or enemy units. The first way i know to do this is by using a trigger which covers a large area, or the all mission area and have it detected and activated by the respective unit sides. But i don’t like this because if somehow one unit is not in the trigger area, it just won’t get activated and that is just ridiculous, so i wanted to do it using gamelogic, or maybe find a way to activate my conditions without having to have an area. Obviously i had no idea how to, so what i did was to go look at some of the original campaign missions i have unpbo in the mission editor and try to find any thing i could use. That’s what i usually do, i just look at how the game creators created the missions and try to understand how they used triggers, commands and why they used them for. Also, before the patrol alerts other units i also want it to fire a flare to iluminate the area, and only 8 or 10 seconds later, they can sound the alert or call reinforcements, IF they are alive. So actually the deal is: A patrol spotts an enemy unit. At the moment they engage a grenadier fires a white flare. 8 or 10 seconds later they alert other units, IF they are alive. So this is what i have tried: 1) Trigger activation: none, once, present, countdown (0,0,0) Type: none Text: spotted1 condition: patrol1 knowsabout Player > 1 ««««« (I’m not sure if i should change this value) on activation: busted = true I am not sure if the “knowsabout†command is appropriate here, i am assuming once the patrol spotts the player it activates that other condition: “busted = true†That condition i copied from a trigger used in one of the missions of the Russian campaign, i guess it’s like na alarm, not sure if it’s appropriate too. So after this trigger has met its condition and activated the command, it allows a gamelogic object to activate its waypoints, so they are synchronized. This gamelogic is the one responsible for having the grenadier fire the flare. (Patrol consists of 4 soldiers - group leader is named: patrol1; and the grenadier is named: radiomanpatrol1) – radioman because he is the one suppose to activate the trigger that will activate other units into an alert state, if he is alive. 2) GameLogic waypoint "AND" timeout: (1,1,1) condition: true on activation: patrol1 fire ["GrenadesMuzzle","Flare"]; waypoint "AND" timeout: (20,20,20) condition: true on activation: patrol1 fire ["GrenadesMuzzle","Flare"]; Sometimes the patrol grenadier doesn't fire the flare, instead he just engages like the others, i know this can be solved just by having a flare script to do the job (i donwloaded one), but i really want one of the patrol soldiers to do it, wonder if someone has any idea for this small issue. Next is the part which isn’t working but i don’t understand why, i think the conditions i have placed make perfect sence but i even tested it with a setdammage command for a bmp and it never exploded so i know the trigger wanst working. 3) Trigger activation: none, once, present, countdown (8,8,8) Type: none Text: radio alert patrol1 condition: busted = true and alive radiomanpatrol1 on activation: t1 setdammage 1 plz help and thx anyway
  7. 1) I did the following experiment: I removed weapons and mags from vanilla and others res units in the mission and gave them ICP weapons. It seems that the ICP units are not the problem its just their weapons, if all units in the mission have ICP weapons they all engage at the same distance possible - guess problem solved. 2) I edited the config.cpp of my AT cannon addon and found where i could increase its armor - problem solved too 3) no comments, my bad XD
  8. one question, to create those scripts, did they do it by hand or they used a in game program? I mean how do u know how a scene looks in game if u are writing in a notepad?
  9. ok this is a 3 questions thread: 1) Ok it seems that ICP units can fire from alot more distance then vanilla units and some addon units i have, this is a problem because it creates very unfair situations in battle so i am wondering if i can edit the fire range of an addon? 2) I have some AT cannons stationed behind some trenches but they soon get distroyed, not because of any tank or RPG, but because those ICP soldiers with AK's can destroy them from like 150 meters! I would like to be able to increase the armor of my poor cannons... 3) I have this "roadsConnectedTo" reference which i once found when searching for commands but i can't seem to find anywhere a discussion about it anymore. If i remember correctly this could connect all "road" objects that one placed in the map editor, which would then create a road and could even connect that with the original roads from the map... is this right? Is this possible? But how do i use that command? I just want to know if i can get the AI to follow a road that i created in the map editor with road object addons. plz help
  10. im surprized u say its complicated or hard... remember that last cutscene in the resistance campaign where Victor Troska dies? They had several soldiers and some tanks firing at him, but actually i dont think they target the player at all they just seem to fire at a location or direction, u can see the tanks firing too. So i tried to unpbo the resistance campaign, got the missions into the editor, but something is terribly wrong, i can load every mission fine, but the cutscene missions show the map completelly blank, no units, no triggers, nothing.... did they do that because they don't want us to be able to see how they created the cutscenes and which commands and stuff they used for them? Anyway it seems that in the cutscene where they kill Victor they just used some simple commands.... does anyone know how to open their cutscene missions?
  11. i need to have some soldiers fire at a location/direction, or maybe a target, depending what that might be. i tried this: unit1 doTarget unit2; this fire "M16"; i also read that one could place game logic items, then have unit1 fire on the items I've just placed, using the Unit1 DoFire Unit2... i tried this but it didnt work :( actually how does one use gamelogic?
  12. thx guys for replying i got my problem solved with the following set of commands: doStop this; s1 setpos getmarkerpos "d1"; this doWatch (object 129150); this setUnitPos "up"; the 1st and 2nd command combined forces a unit to stay at a marker location, so i just place the marker behind my trenches and its done XD thx to all
  13. yes i was just about to go edit my previous reply to say that i found it: s1 setpos getmarkerpos "m1" thx anyway XD
  14. hum... i think i didnt need to group the unit with the marker when i did it... this works but I'm still curious to know if somebody else has another suggestion, thx anyway
  15. I know i once did this in a mission a while ago but since i am missing loads of addons for that i can't acess it :( So i am trying to remember what was the init line that i used to get a unit appear at a dot marker location, i am trying these: unit DoMove GetMarkerPos "markername" - i don't want the unit to move, i want them to just appear at the marker location s1 setpos (getpos H1) - where H1 is an invisible H placed at the point i want but the thing is, i don't want to use a invisible H, i want to use a marker ! plz help i know this is simple but i can't figure it out :(