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    Making 3D Models

    I have a guy, he doesnt do Arma specific stuff, but he's looking to expand his portfolio as well as make money. The reason I'm doing it, is because I want to see more Arma 3 mods. Especially ships which is why the first model I am releasing will be some sort of littoral combat shit.
  2. Want an animated textured 3D Model for your mod? Suggest it here along with requirements, ones that I like, I will have made and release publicly, one every month!
  3. From Maionaze: " Even if BI Tools are used, as long as Models, Textures, Sounds, Etc do are not assets of BI, and do not break any other author's copyright, A developer can be hired to create content. Licensing will still apply as normal. " In case you didn't understand: Making a mod and selling it is illegal, Getting contracted to make a mod is not. ---------- Post added at 06:00 ---------- Previous post was at 05:59 ---------- Im not requesting a mod, Im looking to hire someone who has enough experience to make a mod. I don't understand the negativity, I've worked with developers in other games, and many were ecstatic to add to their portfolio and make a few hundred dollars doing it. Hell Bohemia is practically doing the same thing with the contest, just on a much larger scale.
  4. It will be 1:1 Scale submarine It will have it's own custom armament It's level of graphical detail will be Arma 3 quality It will have proper movement It will have two varients varying slightly for NATO and OPFOR factions It will have sound effects It will have a cockpit (Simple, just a few Displays with periscope feeds) You may not use copyrighted assets (You may use BI Tools, just not Bohemias or any one elses assets. You may NOT submit it to the Make Arma Contest (Unless you are willing to take a drastic cut in how much I pay you) [if It wins the contest I will triple the payment] I'd prefer you PM your bids along with some info on your previous work, whoever I feel is most qualified and also has the most reasonable bid will get the contract. (Payment will be 10% at the start 50% of the remainder upon first draft and the rest on final.) If you only can model, or only can code, PM me, I may be able to work out a deal.
  5. It would be highly illegal for someone to sell a mod/addon or script pack.
  6. dpatt712

    Wasteland for ArmA 3 by 404Games [MP]

    If you looked at 404's a3 alpha wasteland code, it was practically identical, even had the same shorthand notes as Sa-matras, later updates it took on it's own form, but was terribly optimized for many players + long mission run times.
  7. didn't know that, like I said I am a visuals man, I texture, model and animate, not code.
  8. dpatt712

    Disable Autorudder?

    I use a joystick, does that make any difference?
  9. I only can model and texture, I'm working on a submarine and already have the model.
  10. dpatt712

    Disable Autorudder?

    I noticed that when I turn, the game automatically turns my rudder, this throws me off when lining up a target in the buzzard, will there be a way to disable on release?
  11. I see cars and weapons but no submarine?
  12. Sync HideObject with Lightning? Is it possible, I basically only want something visible from the light of a lightning strike. I looked at setLightnings and Lightnings but that is just related to the weather sliders
  13. I have in my script, player addaction ["Melee Attack","Melee.sqf"]; but I can't get my Melee.sqf to work, I basically just need it to set the person the player is looking at damage to 1 and also want it activated by space bar, it needs to be withing 2 distance units, target must be alive, and target cannot be player
  14. I thought there was already a script for this?