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  1. Since they added the sounds being lower while in the vehicle, I now have to drive in 3rd person so I can notice when I get shot at. I had an APC shoot at me yesterday and I only noticed because one of my teammates said it.

  2. I actually managed to fix it, but it was right before I went to work so I didn't get to post it here. It was indeed a problem on my side, but no big issue.

    Here's the code I used.

    while {_loop} do {
       if((side _x == opfor) && ((leader group _x) != _x)) then { // if you're a baddie and not your own group leader
           _x unassignItem "NVGoggles";
           _x removeItem "NVGoggles";
           _x removePrimaryWeaponItem "acc_pointer_ir";
    	_x addPrimaryWeaponItem "acc_flashlight";
    	_x enableGunLights "ForceOn";
    } foreach (allUnits);
    sleep 30;

  3. If you're spawning enemies, just equip them how you want when you spawn them. No need to constantly be cycling through. :)

    Commands you'll wanna look into are leader and typeOf possibly.

       if((side _x == opfor) && ((leader group _x) != _x)) then { // if you're a baddie and not your own group leader
           _x unassignItem "NVGoggles";
           _x removeItem "NVGoggles";
           // add flashlight or whatever
    } foreach (allUnits);  

    Your code is giving me an error about _x being an undefined variable. It's stopping the script from working.

  4. I know how to remove NVG and add flashlights. And I guess I could just loop the script so it would work for all newly spawned enemies, but I haven't heard about how to do a class check? I'm having a bit of trouble finding anything related to it.

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    I was thinking more something that goes like this:

    Warning, pseudo code.

    checking = false
    check classname of each spawned opfor unit
    if a leader or some other thing then do nothing
    else then remove nvgs and add flashlights to gun and make them use it
    wait 10 seconds or whatever.
    checking=true to loop

  5. Hey it's me again! I fixed the vehicle despawning problem, mostly.

    In eos_SpawnVehicle.sqf line 70.


    				if (!_active) then {


    				if (!_active && !(player in _vehicle) ) then {


    The vehicle will not depsawn, but once the player has left it, it disappears instantly. To fix this I added an else command in as line 75, it says

    				else {_loop=false};

  6. Well that's disappointing. Have you set your spawn distances up? Also the bastion mode does the same thin reinforcements did just much more efficiently and better. Have you checked that out?

    It had happened on a few occasions before, but I don't think it's that much of a problem, it's not that common anyway, and it seems to happen less now.

  7. It also looks like you took out the reinforcements option. I used this to spawn random enemies the player would encounter in my mission. I would have used the light patrol option, but I found it would sometimes spawn the squads right next to the player. Particularly when starting the mission.

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    I guess I'll just switch back to light patrols.

  8. I made my own version of Escape From Stratis using this. I was just wondering, is it possible I can take out the part of the script that despawns units once they get too far away from their zones? I want it because if a player steals an enemy vehicle, it'll despawn and that's very bad if a player is using a boat to escape the island. I was thinking if I took it out, I could just use the simulation manager module to make sure enemies aren't taking up resources.

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    Also is it possible to fill the assault boats and vehicles? I was just thinking since it sometimes spawns the Zamak and HEMTT transports, they're kinda useless if they're empty.

  9. You can certainly try

    I'm very willing to try. Just need to know what files to edit, but it looks like I can figure that out myself. Want me to report back if I have any luck?

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    So I tried. Don't know how functions work, but I just replaced BIS_fnc_relPos with BIS_fnc_findSafePos in line 96 and 106.

    Got some errors, caught these two.



    Don't know what to make of this. If I had to make a guess, it looks to be something with the function itself.

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    A quick google, it expects a boolean, but isflatempty returns an array. Zero divisor? Never heard of it.

  10. @Kju

    That is correct. I'm not lone in this issue as it happened to my friend too.

    It was only for pistols, all other weapons worked fine.

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    Also I can see others have reported the issue of the Javelin and Metis aiming backwards, as in through the computer, but still firing forwards. Not to mention it seems that when you actually fire the computer of the launchers disappear.

  11. Here's my rpt. I deleted about 58,000 lines complaining about bones not existing. It's down to still 1,200 lines. Sorry.


    Also, I should be running the very latest, cleanly installed version. I'll try to rename it and download it again.

    Also, running a clean, newly download .bat.

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    Please ignore my issue. It got fixed when I ran a whole new clean mod folder. I'm sorry for any confusion.

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    So through the scientific method, I have concluded the cause of ironsights being broken for pistol was because I had moved the AiA_ActivateA3Models.pbo and .bisign files.