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  1. critanime

    Initial Impressions and Suggestions

    When using the real time system? I was thinking it could be a more "hardcore" option for it. :)
  2. critanime

    Initial Impressions and Suggestions

    I am pretty sure I remember reading that it takes 14.6 minuets to send a emergency stop command to Curiosity. Yet to send more complex commands it has to go through a series of nodes, one been Odyssey, to get to Curiosity. This requires a small window of time per day. This would be a more realistic approach and one that I owuld like to see impliment with the waypoint system.
  3. critanime

    "Toggle drive" button

    I have been playing with a joystick and the precision in driving it super. But yes I would like to see some sort of speed governor implemented within the hud from when I just want to auto it and relax. After all all it takes is one wrong whack on a rock and it's bye bye wheel :)
  4. critanime

    that crazy respawn thing.

    After looking at that page, which I had been through before, apart from the delay been in quotation marks I cane understand why the AI is complying to the delay timer yet I am getting instantly spawned.
  5. Hi guys! I have worked out how to get respawns to work. Kind of... Respawns happen but for some reason the respawndelay only seems to apply to the AI and not the player. I should mention that I am trying to make a DM map. On the map I have 4 players, two bluefor and two opfor, that are set as playable. I also have two empty markers set as respawn_west and respawn_east. My description.ext is as following: respawn = "BASE"; respawnDelay = "5"; respawnDialog = "1"; As I say the respawn delay works as it should for AI and they delay 5 seconds before spawning. However I instantly respawn without any delay or showing the score. What am I doing wrong?