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  1. Ah, I see.. guess that makes sense. Sure are a lot of servers that are using mods.
  2. Ok, under the expansions section I have: Arma 2: British Armes Forces (Lite), Arma 2: Private Military Company (Lite), Arma 2: Army of the Czech Republic (Lite)[Downloaded this from supply depot on website], Arma 2, Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead. When I started it up and checked Army of the Czech Republic was disabled so I enabled it, restarted, but didn't change anything. Also, I tried joining many servers yesterday and I could not find one that did not kick me. Even if they had 0 people it kicked me out. I tried about 5 different servers (all Insurgency since I'm using a filter for DayZ). Then I tried joining more today.. the first two kicked me out however I was able to join three others but they all said I had "modified game files" and I had a red bar next to me instead of a blue one and it didn't kick me. These servers were empty anyways. About my OA directoy... both ArmA2 and Operation Arrowhead are installed into the same folder, that being ArmA2. Not sure if this is strange or wrong. I don't think I'm using a launcher. I just double click "arma2oa".. a box appears with more boxes in it that fills with checkmarks and then it starts the game. I'm not exactly sure where to check my "Arma 2 OA" directory.. I looked in the expansions area and under the properties of the "arma2oa" application but not sure where to find mod parameters or if I even have any. I haven't installed any mods on this I just installed it again from GamersGate in a new folder then tried to play it after patching. EDIT: Getting a bit annoyed of having to use filters so I'm not spammed with DayZ. If I uninstall it and decide to reinstall it later, will those be gone?
  3. Well, in the mean time I decided to copy down the code it gave me when it failed. There wasn't anywhere I copied and pasted it from that I could find.. so I wrote it down and then typed it in so there could be a typo or so but I think it's good. "You cannot play/edit this mission it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.fallujah_v1_0, ace_main, ace_sys_aitalk, ace_sys_playerhud, ace_sys_springload, ace_sys_tracking, ace_sys_nvg, ace_sys_wounds, ace_sys_weapons, ace_sys_fastroping, acex_veh_stryker, ace_sys_ruck, acre_sys_radio, acex_veh_m1, fallujah_hou, ace_sys_arty_ammunition, ace_sys_arty_m119, acex_usnavy_sys_repair, map_eu, ace_sys_arty_computers, ace_sys_crewserved, acex_c_weapon, acex_ru_c_weapon, acex_ru_sys_repair, acex_ru_veb_btr70, ace_sys_targets, acex_veh_t72" EDIT: I tried playing ArmA 2 (not Operation Arrowhead) and it seemed to work fine. I played a round of Domination andeverything went smoothly. Then came back to Arrowhead and it did this again. :/ Seems to be only Arrowhead.. maybe DayZ modified it. Note: Going to sleep as of this edit so I probably won't be back until maybe 12-14hours ish (Not going to be asleep that whole time, lol) So I won't be able to reply till then!
  4. Alright, sorry. And I'm not using shortcuts, I clicked on the arma2oa.exe in the ArmA2 mainfolder. Where would I disable mod parameters? Can't find any under the properties when I right click it.. And how do I fix the "modified files" that kicks me from games? Or is that linked to my first problem..
  5. LeslieHapablap

    Can't find any servers but DayZ Servers

    I used DayZ Commander to install DayZ so. Not sure how I would disable that.
  6. SO. I wanted to try playing the regular Arma after having played DayZ for awhile so I tried to play it but all that came up was DayZ servers! Problem #1. I was able to temporarily bypass this by going to the filter and searching for Arma game types such as insurgency.. then problem #2 emerged. Apparently I use "modified game files" and it kicks me from every game. Problem #2. Then.. I had a good idea. I assumed by modified game files it meant that DayZ must've done something to them so it thought I was hacking or so. So I moved my entire ArmA2 + DayZ into a seperate folder under Bohemia Interactive then made a new ArmA 2 folder where I would install only ArmA2 and Operation Arrowhead. After a day I finally finished patching it to 1.62.. launched it up.. nothing but DayZ servers! Why? There's not even any DayZ in this! So, I filtered them out.. tried to join a server and.. what do you know.. I still have modified game files for some reason. I really need help on this and I have not the slightest idea on how to fix it. ._. Any help given would be greatly appreciated... If you need the exact text of the error message it gives me I can post it here and system specs if needed.
  7. LeslieHapablap

    Can't find any servers but DayZ Servers

    @Harzach: No. .. at least I don't think. I pick the Combined Operations launcher in my start menu and when that didn't work I launched "arma2oa" in my ArmA2 folder. @tom3kb: How do I run only A2CO? Sorry for the delayed response.
  8. So, this ^. I originally got Combined Operations just for DayZ but after seeing some very interesting videos on YouTube I got pumped. So I decided I would patch up Combined Operations from 1.60-1.62 and then play!.. but all that came up were DayZ servers. I found two other threads about this but neither resolved my problem. I use Operation Arrowhead launcher.. and any information on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. EDIT: Also.. another worrying aspect. I have a lot of blank "X" servers where all the information is blank. Servername, mod, etc. And the ones that aren't blank say "Unknown" under type. ._.