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  1. wait wait wait...are you telling me that devs are so dumb that can't fix theyr own engine?wow.And tell me if i'm wrong but any devs speak about this problem in this 2 years?hmmm
  2. i fixed the problem doing a file check from steam,try it
  3. they can't fix the problem,it's strange how they keep using the same engine for Arma,arma 2 had the same problems and now arma 3 too,hopefully there are some servers where i can reach 50+ fps with ultra settings like WS,Exile,and others.Like i said 2 years is passed and no improvements was done.Congrats BI
  4. 2 years is passed,same problems,such wow.Well i spent 35 euros for testing bugs,because bush can stop bullet,fence too,ecc.ecc. this game should be called "Bug simulator i steal your money trlololol" I spent more than 500 hours on this forced to play shitty mod cuz of low fps in other missions,servers.Thanks
  5. i hope somebody can help me with this,it happens randomly dunno why,i have only the error report since the file dump need an uppload(let me know if you need it)
  6. i have found the fix of low fps problem, 1)go in steam 2)right click on arma 3 icon 3)click on "delete local file" 4)install arma 2 5)enjoy P.S the engine of arma 3 can't be fixed or the developer team have a fat ass and don't like to work,just like the other shitty company that i forget the name...act...acti...oh right!Activision So don't spent your time to try fix this problem,you can't,just..play another game that WORK,because arma 3 don't work,and that's the most important point of a game,immagine a car game without car!awesome
  7. BULLSHIT! BULLSHIT! BULLSHIT! BULLSHIT! don't speack if you don't know nothing about cpu bottlenenecking!do you think you must have an 4.8ghz oc processors to run this shitty game?NO!you are wrong I have an intel core i5 2500k considered one of the best cpu on the market,overclocked to 4.1ghz,with an nvidia 780 overclocked to 1018mhz you say"on sp i was able to play with 50 fps"thanx!the game only work on sp the problem is the mp!all this post speack about mp probem and you write this bullshit about sp! Good why i bought this game...why