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  1. alexharvey52

    Arma 3 VPS Server Suggestions

    I ended up going with the 3 core nfo server :)
  2. alexharvey52

    Server Doesnt Show with BattlEye Enabled

    I do not have a beserver.cfg file in my BattlEye folder. Also I am using the TADST Dedicated Server Tool
  3. I have just setup a new server on a VPS and I cannot get the server to show in the Arma 3 Multiplayer Browser when battlEye is enabled. When I disable BattlEye the server shows up and works fine. Some more information: Server Console Displays: 14:45:22 Dedicated host created. 14:45:26 BattlEye Server: Initialized (v1.190) 14:45:26 Host identity created. - I have port forward all the needed ports - Ofcourse I have the multiplayer filter set correctly. Any help on how to get this working would be awesome! Thanks!
  4. alexharvey52

    Arma 3 VPS Server Suggestions

    Hmm. I suppose I could keep the Arma 3 server on Vilayer and then put the headless client on a VPS.
  5. alexharvey52

    Arma 3 VPS Server Suggestions

    Okay cool I think I will get the VPS Cloud 2 from https://www.ovh.co.uk 4 vCores 4 GB RAM Hard drive 50 GB Raid 10 That should be enough for 1 arma 3 server and a headless client? It would be so much better if I could just get a headless client via villayer xD
  6. alexharvey52

    Arma 3 VPS Server Suggestions

    Yeah I guess. What sort of vps specs should I be looking at for hosting 2/3 arma 3 servers?
  7. alexharvey52

    Arma 3 VPS Server Suggestions

    Rent Okay thanks for the info :) I really just need to move to a VPS to host a headless client. I may check out ovh.co.uk however apparently their support is very poor.
  8. Hello, I am planning on moving from a Vilayer Game Server to a dedicated VPS Server so I can host at least 2 servers and a headless client. We are based in the UK so any server in Europe would be good. Has anybody got any suggestions? Thanks :)
  9. TIB runs its own launcher/patcher we created :) http://i.imgur.com/j0rKIAJ.png (558 kB)
  10. http://theironbrits.com Want to play Arma 3 realism between your communities OPs? Our public server is perfect for you! The Iron Brits public server use a range of mods to create a realistic immersive environment that includes modules such as a medic system, vehicle maintenance system and many more! http://theironbrits.com In Short: TIB runs a 24/7 COOP Public Realism Server that anybody can join! We have a 1GB modset that has enough content to keep you playing for weeks We run 2 main mods, Tactical Battlefield Modified, Task Force Radio. We have a auto installer to set everything up and launch you into the server! A shot of the TIB Launcher: http://i.imgur.com/gp3nZ4U.png (558 kB) A shot of the medic system we use (please note not all medic items are shown in this image): http://theironbrits.com In Detail: The Iron Brits is a Arma 3 Public Realism community. We have 1 server that we run 24/7 and is open to anybody. We aim to give the Arma 3 community the best realism experience you can possibly get on a public server. The advantage of playing on a public server is that there are no time restrictions and you can take down the AOs however you like, play when you want and how you want. If you have nothing to do between your units operations then just jump on our server and continue to get the realistic feel you get in OPs. The Iron Brits was originally formed in June 2013 and ran for 3 months before its initial collapse. We original collapsed due to the constant developing time needed to keep up with the Arma 3 Alpha and Beta updates. Now that the game is smooth we decided to bring back the community and add many new features. The Iron Brits has been reborn, we are now running many new features that give the server a much more realistic and stable feel. We are now running 2 main mods, Tactical Battlefield Modified and Task Force Radio. Tactical Battlefield Modified is exactly the same as the Tactical Battlefield that was made by the original team however we have modified it very slightly to work with a COOP Domination experience. TacBF for short is a mod which adds many functions that make a server way more realistic, such as a First Aid System and a Vehicle Maintenance system. All credit goes to the makers of tactical battlefield developers. If you prefer the PvP Experience you should definitely check them out! Task Force Radio is the new ACRE! TFR is a recreation of the famous radio mod ACRE from Arma 2. Although ACRE was ported to Arma 3 its functions were not perfect and it was limited. TFR adds many new sounds effects and functions that make the experience that much better. Operations also happen at The Iron Brits. We run a weekly operation with many interesting ideas, we also love to run operations on Arma 2 maps but in Arma 3! To get involved with operations just sign up to the website and be active on the public server and you will get an invite.[/center]
  11. I will jump in tonight mate. Will send you a PM in a bit. Thankyou :)
  12. Does the CQB module and civ placement module now require the requires alive module? The required alive module causes 10 minute loading for players...
  13. alexharvey52

    Call a mission script from an addon

    Its hard to explain but it needs to be launched from the addon pbo. Can I #include a script from the current mission file>
  14. alexharvey52

    Call a mission script from an addon

    I am the only one that will be using this script. I just need to define different loadouts via the add on script for each different mission. The loadout script must be called from the add on.
  15. I have an addon that is currently hardcoded to set the default gear you get when you spawn in. It is just a list of variables setting the players gear. However what I want to do is get this default gear data from the mission. Is it possible to direct the gear script to a script that is in the mission folder and run the mission gear script instead? Yes this would mean that for the default gear script to work in the addon a gear script must be in the mission. Its hard to explain so I hope I have explained it enough for somebody to understand. Is it possible and how would I go about doing it? Thanks