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  1. I found this when flying around the map [img ]http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/1117173524878050304/BF4E2A6B538709FD2A4D90AB1391D4E0D393572A/[/img] >100kb
  2. I'm 24 from the UK looking to join an active clan, that plays organized events etc. I have TS3, Ventrilo and ACRE installed and am willing to download any mods that you use regular. My Steam ID: S0NIM, feel free to message me :)
  3. Ah, thanks for that, I didn't know that they were zipped file. I have downloaded some software that allows me to unpack them and the missions work fine now Thank you.
  4. That's were I have been putting the files, depending if they were single player or multi-player missions. is there something else that I need to download first that will allow me to play the downloaded missions? All of the missions I have downloaded from Armaholics say that they don't require any additional content.
  5. I'm new to Arma, I only got the alpha yesterday. I have downloaded some missions and followed some tutorials on how to install them to the game how ever when i go into the game to play these missions they are not showing up for me to play them. can any one help? Thanks