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  1. Thanks very much for the reply, but I'm not advanced enough to make this work at present. Would I place this in the trigger condition field the truck's name is truck1 what other variables do I need if any ? because at the moment the trigger activates as soon as the task create trigger activates. {vehicle _x == truck1} count playableunits == count playableunits; AT the moment I am using in the trigger condition " player in truck1 " for testing but when it comes to MP testing this will not be sufficient. Thanks again
  2. Hi, I am trying to create a mission with tasks I have the basics working, Mission starts a task is created to enter a truck, I have a task succeed already set up but need to know the best way to activate it on all players having entered the truck, What I need to know is how do I set up a trigger to detect when all players have entered the truck so I can sync this to my task succeed module. Or if there is an easier way ? Many thanks
  3. I normally spawn as an Autonomous Operator class they come with quad-rotor and terminal by default
  4. Thanks a lot mate this was my problem I made the mistake of thinking if it was disabled I would not be able to use free look at all, not sure how or when it enabeled it self. Thanks again :j:
  5. Hi, For some reason when I enter vehicles free look is stuck so I can't control vehicles by the mouse, tabbing Altx2 simply centres the camera by does not lock the camera. Anyone have any ideas please as I can't see any options in the settings for this ? Thanks
  6. I found the lowering object view distance gave an increase to my FPS, I played an Invade & Annex mission last night on Altis 50/50 players with an average FPS of 19-35 on default veryhigh settings with view distance set to 3000 object distance set to 1500 I believe. View distance in my opinion is the single biggest performance tweak you can make.
  7. Furyk

    Vehicle transport ship?

    I would think we will see more naval content added in the form of expansions or updates as the game becomes more seasoned, especially now that the sea in Arma3 has become a truly viable combat area for the first time in Arma series.
  8. So release is just around the corner and yet we still haven't see any planes (The UAV's don't count) or main battle tanks yet on the Dev branch we have so much more to see, Any know if there holding these back till release ? Thanks
  9. Mission run down, players travel to trig1 which will activate when all enemy units are dead in the area, the players are then prompted to move to trig2 which will activate on there detection in the area ending the mission. What I want to prevent is anyone entering the area of trig2 and ending the mission prematurely before the enemy's at trig1 have been eliminated. I tried using triggerActivated before and as soon trig1 activated it also activated trig2 before the players moved to the area, I more then likely did something wrong so I'll check it all again when I get home. Thanks for the reply's :bounce3:
  10. Thanks for the reply, So in the condition field for trig2 I would use if (triggeractivated trig1) ? While I appreciate the reply I'm looking for more detail as I have played with this command only for it to activate immediately rather then making it able to be activated.
  11. Hi, Simple question but I had no luck finding an answer ... I need a trigger to lay dormant until anther trigger has been tripped for example trig2 can't be triggered until trig1 has been triggered Many thanks
  12. Just tried the diagram set up and still no joy, anyone in group that is not me playing does not get the task updates :(
  13. I Really appreciate the reply's guys thanks, plenty of info for me to get this resolved "I hope" :) I basically have whats in the diagram but without the "set task state created" and "set task state assigned" Is this where I've gone wrong ? Thanks again.
  14. Can anyone confirm if this fix would work for my similar issue with tasks/task updates only being seen but the server host "me" and not other players in MP. Thanks