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  1. Whats up people! I figured since I haven't really had much real multiplayer action, I would join a group/squad! I'm looking for a casual group for arma 2, or arma 3. I haven't played multiplayer because I'd figure I would find some buddies to team up with since going in alone, not knowing really anybody is not fun at all. I'm looking for a squad that has some cool players to play with, and be a good tactical squad. No preferences here, but I haven't played that much as of yet so just try to let me get the hang of it! Here's my info. Age:21 Location: Eastern US Microphone: Yes Teamspeak: not at the moment, but will download if needed. Games: All Arma 2/expansions, Arma 3, and some more Mods: None at the moment. Availiability: Usually at night around 5 or 6 EST. Group: Casual/Tactical when need to. I haven't really played arma 2 that much, but now I'm getting back in the groove of things. I'm willing to learn a thing or two from people as well. All is welcome in my book! Contact me/add me on Steam-Stern Bumblebee