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  1. Below my BEServer.cfg MaxPing 500 // maximal delay to server before BattlEye autokicks MaxCreateVehiclePerInterval 72 1 MaxSetPosPerInterval 2 1 MaxSetDamagePerInterval 36 1 MaxAddBackpackCargoPerInterval 12 1 MaxAddMagazineCargoPerInterval 96 1 MaxAddWeaponCargoPerInterval 24 1 MaxDeleteVehiclePerInterval 48 1 MaxAttachToPerInterval 4 1 I have read the support article on your site but can't make sense of what createvehicle does so have no idea on how to set any of it :( maybe a description for dummies ? Just set the 72 1 to 72 2 (checks every 2 seconds) so far no issue :)
  2. Don't know if it's only happening to me or if there is a patch somewhere allready but our server gets drained a few days allready cause of a BE kick for Count Restriction "Supply100" I have deleted all txt files containing any restrictions, though this still happens, I am running a domination mission from xeno - ported by Haz and i see many servers running this version.
  3. Dunno if yall noticed but the domain is nowhere to be found for 3 days now.
  4. I am with GameServage too. Am very pleased in how the ticket handling goes, they even have a live chat in the website and actually get into your server when something is wrong to make sure it works again.
  5. you need to add -mod=@iniDB; to your commandline on server start (batch file if you host on dedicated) then the iniDB will add the file anyObjects.ini (you can change 'any' to some numbers or letters you desire inside the iniDB folder if you have more than one server running on one box) ----- To Bier AIG Tartar: Yes, the only V2.3 seems to be the sandbox one, the rest (old versions) have no basebuilding in it, shame the sandbox one is filled with errors.
  6. The quote you added leads to a thread which has no posts on it for over a year, I am interrested in the playerID file cause now im getting sick of the AAN da sh!t server b f@cked message 4 times a day! Thank you
  7. XoloX

    Stratis-RP: Ultimate

    So you're actually saying here that iniDB can only work when added that line to the shortcut?
  8. XoloX

    Stratis-RP: Ultimate

    Here you say point # 4. I really would want to put this onto my server, problem is though, for the iniDB iI have to do that line but I am on a hosted account at Vilayer for arma 3. How do I go about installing this all on my account as I can not run the game with an alternate modline. PLease advise