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    TOH and Windows 8

    am using it with win 8.1 and it work ok
  2. Mr_FairyCake

    Arma 3 & TOH

    Bloody brill if this happens :-)
  3. Mr_FairyCake

    Improved Fatigue System

    will be giving a try this evening if all goies well, thanks man :-)
  4. Mr_FairyCake

    Improved Fatigue System

    flyinpenguin nice mod and good to see some great input from everyone.....all i would like to say is Please don't let the ultra realist sway you to much into adding more and more realist effects , keep a level headed approach to this and keep it playable not like the new fatigue system update just introduced with the bootcamp update...gee man coupled with the unbelievable weapon sway system and fatigue its made this great game a chore to play lately. peeps who i play arma with have not been playing for the past few days since the update have moved on to other games as arma 3 with these systems are frustrating them when you only run a short while and find it impossible to use your weapon and things like AI dont get any of these effects. At the end of the day its a game and should be nice to play
  5. Spot on JC, it’s a game at the end of the day...make the dam thing playable as it becoming unplayable at the moment and putting me and my friends off big time
  6. Hi guy’s first time using the forum, thought this would be the best place for some help with a little problem am having lately. While playing in multiplayer games i.e. insurgency etc my loading is doing weird things for example: I go the virtual ammo box load up my kit as I always do. Then I go off on the mission as you do, but while out my loadout keep’s changing. Kit doubles up and other bits go missing i.e. I will look in my inventory and see that while playing I will get 2 extra rucksacks (the same type am using) in my rucksack same with vest and uniform, 3 GPS's, 4 radios, 4 compasses etc you get the idea it just keeps doubling up. Plus stuff disappears like all the first aid kits I have are just gone? Has anyone else experienced this or have any ideas how to fix this problem? P.s its only been happening over the last few days and it seem to happen no matter what server I go in. Cheers