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  1. I've imported some DEM data from ASTER and I'm trying to crop it down to a specific size (5120m x 5120m) so that I can export it and convert it to an .xyz heightmap, but the trouble is I can't figure out how to crop it down to a specific size. Everywhere I go in the program needs some coordinates like northing and easting or has some weird set up like rows that seem to correspond with nothing. I'm honestly at a loss for what to do. All I want to do is use GDEM data to create an .xyz heightmap. If anyone has an easy way to do that where I will still have atleast half of my hair still attached by the end of it (as in I didn't rip it out prior to finishing) then please, for all that is good and holy TELL ME! Thank you.
  2. I have a working version; here's what you should do: When a program gives you an error like it's missing a file, just let it happen. For a program developed by and for such smart people, MicroDEM is EXTREMELY intuitive and is a very good program, so when it knows what it wants and it wants something, then most likely it will ask for it and you should let it do whatever it wants to do to get it, like downloading the file, for instance. If it's not wanting to do that then... well... I don't know what to tell you. All I know is that there were some extra files I needed to download after install. I still haven't managed to get an .xyz out of it, but thank you so much for digging up this thread! It deals with exactly what I am trying to do but couldn't figure out. Saved me from making a new thread. Anyway, good luck to you.
  3. person915

    Clutter Isn't Showing Up

    Thanks. I do have notepad++ already. Also I must have had a bad one I wrote earlier that I copied over. Usually I have a template for my files that I copy and change paths when I'm doing an exercise like this. Now I have some solid files, thanks!
  4. My clutter isn't showing up in-game and I don't know why. Here is my cfgsurfaces.hpp: http://pastebin.com/mHZeUrKM and my cfgclutter.hpp: http://pastebin.com/dHJr8tG9 lastly, my config.cpp: http://pastebin.com/RCgC9dwt When I start up the game with my map expansion enabled, it looks like this: I've been looking over my files for hours now, and I've fixed some problems but apparently there is still one or some I haven't fixed. If anyone can see anything in the files that would produce that error, please tell me! Thanks so much!
  5. person915

    Merging Altis and Stratis?

    Though this sounds like an interesting idea, I would follow the Utes model. Someone with talent in Oxygen (not me) could develop a battleship or something of some sort, maybe even a fleet with different ships like carriers and whatever else is in them. Since I really don't know about those things I honestly couldn't tell you. Though this proposed solution would most likely be faulted at the fact that it might be hard to stage an invasion of the naval fleet since most likely you would need to be in a vehicle. I could see though that if the model was made in such a way you could fight on it like a giant building and maybe it would work like that. Hey, there is that "Make ArmA, Not War" contest that is/has been going on that has a lot to do with Oxygen models, correct? Might find promise there. The other proposed solution would be to either use the unbinarized Altis files (if they ever come out) and create a new airfield on the map, otherwise find a suitably flat area and try to use it as an airfield. That's really all I got; just grasping at straws here.
  6. that's a script file, is it not? Or is that just what I put inside the trigger? Seems heckalot more complex than I was looking for, but if that's what needs to be done....
  7. I have a radio trigger set up to be able to grant invincibility to a single unit, the intention to be able to turn it on and off for sakes of testing the mission when it's further in development, but I need it to make the whole GROUP invincible. The group is defined as group1, (group1 = groupthis) in the leader's init field, but simply putting group1 allowdamage false doesn't work; I assume it wants something along the lines of _x foreachmember allowdamage false group1 or something like that, but I really don't know how to write it. I could just give all the units a name and use a WHOLE BUNCH of script lines in the trigger, but I feel learning this would be a better thing to do as the concept may come in useful later. Thanks a bunch, you clever scripting devils you! I might never know how you do it.
  8. I want to set a radio trigger up to create a flying chopper which I've done, but I also want the said chopper to follow a waypoint immediately after it is created. I need it to be created with the radio trigger because it could get shot down or fly away or SOMETHING, and I can't take away it's movement properties and make it invincible, because it NEEDS to get shot down at a certain point also, which I may or may not need help with "setdamage" scripts. But the problem here is with the chopper. How do I create a chopper via trigger that follows preset waypoints? How would I even set the waypoints? ---------- Post added at 01:50 ---------- Previous post was at 01:04 ---------- Ok, instead of setting a waypoint, I feel it's more purposeful and intuative to have the created helicopter move to an acquired position of a named group. I have group1 = groupthis in the leader's init field, so if I wanted the created chopper to move to it, I would write "this move group1" in its init field, right? the thing is that the chopper isn't created yet, so I need to find a different sort of way to do this. Anything?
  9. Oh, thanks, you simultaneously answered another one of my questions of how to name a group! Some concepts of naming in the editor are a bit difficult for me as I just don't know WHERE they go, like naming a group, but if I put that logic to other scripts I might be able to figure it out, thanks. As for the cargo problem, I just used your MoveInCargo script in each of the units' init fields, and named the UH-1Y. I couldn't remember what the script was, but that reminded me of it. I will try to use the concept you're using in your suggestion here, as in naming the group and moving the entire group as cargo in just one command, but I might try it a different way at first, as that script is a bit confusing to me and playing with it might help me get a feel for what it does. Actually, the only things that really confuse me about that script are the use of brackets, and the _x. Why are they like that?
  10. I'm trying to insert a USMC Fireteam group into a UH-1Y. The helicopter is flying when the mission starts. Grouping the chopper and the team won't work, because if they are grouped together when I set the fireteam's waypoints, the chopper will follow the same waypoints. For instance, the fireteam is supposed to ride in the chopper, and the chopper transports them to a specific location, where it lands momentarily while the fireteam gets out, then flies off as the fireteam follows a different direction of waypoints. What happens when they're grouped is that the pilots of the chopper end up getting out with them, and I don't want that. They need to be their own groups. I know there is a command that will let you insert units into vehicles without grouping them, but I can't remember or find it around here, which is a shame, because I know it's somewhere. I also don't know if I'll have to (when using the command I just mentioned, the one I don't remember) give the chopper a name and use the command in the units' init field, or if I name the units and use the command in the chopper's init field. Hopefully that will be comprehensible. Can anyone help?
  11. Whenever I open bulldozer in Visitor 3, regardless of the project, it gives me this error: http://i.imgur.com/vgmUwI7.png (218 kB) then this: http://i.imgur.com/4DN3cB8.png (208 kB) and I don't know why. Can someone tell me how to fix this? ---------- Post added at 00:17 ---------- Previous post was at 23:41 ---------- Well... if anyone ever stumbles across this thread having the same issue... if you have the errors for BULLDOZER only then a simple reinstall of the BIS TOOLS should clear it right up. If it doesn't, you may have a bigger problem.
  12. I've looked at the other threads but I want a more specific answer. Here's the image of the dialogue box: When I load my custom-made terrain into the editor and spawn in a player unit, and then hit preview, OA crashes and leaves that dialogue box. My custom map is a highly experimental 1.28x1.28(km) map. I believe the error for this is because the map is too small? It's completely flat, and though it has some clutter (well I think it does, I haven't gotten far enough to see if it's actually made it in), it still gives me this error. Do I just need to increase the size of the map, or is there something more to it? I'd love to hear just how to FIX it, but if someone could explain to me what it MEANS (as well as how to make it go away) then that would be appreciated. Thanks! ---------- Post added at 01:14 ---------- Previous post was at 00:23 ---------- If anyone ever needs an answer to the problem above, increasing the map size does affect this error: it makes it go away. I only have speculation to go off of, but I imagine that the map must be atleast 2.56km x 2.56km to not experience such errors. If anyone wants to give clarification on this issue, that'd be great. If you need proof, I doubled my map size to 2.56x2.56 and it now works perfectly fine. There you go.
  13. person915

    Error with Config.cpp

    Oh my gosh. Thank you so much. I finally figured out the problem. The folder isn't plants_2, it's plants2. I changed the directories and they work fine now. Needless to say it looks like a fried piece of shit, but I didn't expect much better. The point is, EVERYTHING WORKS. And I have you to thank for it. Now all that's left is messing with the clutter to get it to where it actually looks decent, making some structures and getting used to adding trees, buildings and roads in Visitor, and work on being able to make my own clutter, satmaps and textures, but those objectives are a long ways away. I might start just with editing the clutter and working in Visitor. But I'll leave that to tomorrow. Today was hard, it was brutal, but it was fun, and it was a fucking good day, and I didn't doubt for one second I wouldn't get it done, as long as I had people to back me up. I'm sorry if I was a bit too quick to post but I tend to get very excited about these things, hence why the pathing for the clutter was overlooked for so long. But I learned a lot, and I doubt that will be such a big problem again. Thank you so much, I will never forget your dedication. If you want, I'll send you some screenshots and show you what you helped create- when it actually looks decent, that is. You would deserve that much atleast. Just to make sure you understand how much I appreciate your help, I'll say this: my life has been riddled with unfinished projects. Whether it's skills, mods, songs, literary works, drawings, textures... I can just never seem to finish. But I really wanted this, and whether you saw it or not, you took to it, and helped my all the way through, and finally, it's a finished product. I'm backing it up and saving it. It's not perfect, not by any means, but it works, and it works well for what it is, and that's such an unbelievable thing for me to see something that I've carried on for so long, discontinued, picked back up again and worked so hard to achieve finally come to life at the standards I've wanted my first generation to be, and it feels great. It really does. Thank you. Truly.
  14. person915

    Error with Config.cpp

    The terrain has made it in-game. The only problem is that the clutter did not. There is something that has sort of confused me that might be contributing to this problem. In CfgSurfaces, what is it asking for when it says "character"? For instance, the link to mine that I'm about to show you is my attempt at trying to make sense of it, trying to get the game to use my clutter on the grass: http://pastebin.com/FPZisTAy originally, in the character place I had the classname for the clutter I had, so it would have been character = "vl_grassb" like it was in the CfgClutter. Bin PBO will take this CfgSurfaces, but it won't display any clutter, and all that's on the ground is the grass textures. Everything works fine EXCEPT for the placement of clutter, which in this case doesn't work at all. I'm thinking that possibly the "character" is asking for a filepath, considering whenever something is wrapped in "" that usually means it wants one, however I don't know what file it would want, whether it was the actual clutter models or a reference to the cfgclutter, or even the classnames like I had before. What should be in the "character"? And considering I DON'T want any clutter on any of the surfaces other than the grass, what should I put in the "character" section for the other surfaces?
  15. person915

    Error with Config.cpp

    ok, I don't understand something. I changed the brackets around because the config wasn't working, and I got an error. Now it worked. I'll see if the terrain actually made it in-game, but binPBO seemed to like it. I don't understand why the first time it didn't work, when the second time, even though I had the same files with the same text entries, it worked.... Oh, well! I learned, you helped, and I'm atleast 1 step closer if not all the way there. Thanks a bunch!