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  1. Wow... I wasn't expecting such a quick response. Its good to see a developer so interested in what the users have to say! :) I don't know what kind of system you have in place to decide which targets the jet aims for so its hard to give any suggestions for change. Perhaps changing the jet isn't the solution anyway... Perhaps increasing the availability of anti-air weapons? But then that makes getting and KEEPING a helicopter even more difficult, hehe. I can see the problems you have with balancing the mod to keep everyone happy. Does the jet stick with the same target until it has been destroyed or does it switch targets after a certain time? I imagine most of the AI is governed by the arma2 engine and you are limited by this. I haven't done any Modding myself so I'm only trying to help creatively, hehe. Perhaps an aircraft with a slightly less powerful and/or less accurate weapon? Anyway, I've waffled on enough. Thanks again for reading and replying. :) EDIT : I've finally had time to read back through most of your comments in this thread. I didn't realise there was an increasing respawn timer on the jet. This makes it seem a little less of a pain in the ass! :p. I also didn't realisx it prioritizes armoured and air vehicles. That would explain why it keeps picking on me and my buddies. :(
  2. Hi SaMatra, I've been playing your Wasteland mod for a few months now. I started playing random servers but once I stumbled upon one of your servers I don't play any other type. :) I find Chernarus is a little too big so it tends to get boring; Takistan is too empty and featureless to hold my attention too. :p In my opinion Utes is the best map for wasteland. There's just one problem that I came here to complain about. THAT DAMN JET! I love trying to build a base. Usually try to get a heli and air-lift a repair, fuel, and ammo truck out to the carrier. But that damn jet doesn't give you chance to do anything. I'm not sure if anyone else has raised any issues with this but I don't find being attacked by NPC's that much fun. It's hard enough with these aim-botting NPC's at the missions... but a jet that has infinite fuel and ammo is just too much. Maybe it's just me that thinks this way... maybe we could put it to a vote? :P Anyways, thanks for all your hard work on this mod and please don't take my criticism negatively. :D