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  1. Start reading from page 116 for a little context. Bigshot has been working on DUWS for a while since Kibot no longer works on it.
  2. I'm always down for more DUWS enhancements.
  3. ^ If you have the .PBO file you put it in the "missions" or "mpmissions" folder. That's all you have to do.
  4. I don't see it either. Looks like he took it down. EDIT: Ninja'd
  5. I agree. I've been playing since the original by kibot and don't mind if he asks for donations. However forced donations = selling, and I'm pretty sure that breaks laws as Rautapilla pointed out.
  6. Well if you find it, can you hit me up with an email? :D
  7. Ya but it seems to be v1.1 because he downgraded it first
  8. Why is this still an issue? I like playing DUWS (workshop mod) and when playing in MP I can't customize the AI loadout. There's a ticket here that's been "acknowledged": http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=18554 but it doesn't seem like it will ever be fixed. Also, ai likes to get stuck in danger mode even when you tell them it's safe. WTH? These issues should have been sorted out in beta.
  9. stealth2668

    AI inventory management needs an overhaul

    ^ Ya, from May of last year. Clearly devs aren't paying attention/don't care. Maybe it's time for a new thread to remind them of what we want since the campaign is done and they now have more time (maybe)
  10. Seriously, it's terrible. I select "inventory" and they run off to some distant body to open their inventory; First, why do they need to be near a "container" so I can see what they have? Second why do they run off 100m when I put a bag RIGHT in front of them??? There needs to be a trade option in the quick access menu that allows us to swap gear quickly. I like playing DUWS and when I try to gear up 8 guys, it takes about 20 mins, to change their guns, attachments items etc. which is bloody ridiculous. Why hasn't this been addressed yet? How hard is a simple trade menu?
  11. stealth2668

    Why no NVG's in all missions?

    Ya... they see too well in the dark. I was in pitch black (couldn't even see myself in 3rd p view) and they start shooting at me from 200-300 m away. This mission sucks. It's also really stupid that things don't carry over. Pretty sure I had NVG's at some point.