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    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    I actually just tried changing the name of the save key and did as you just said with building the first fob and then restarting. Still no luck, always a fresh mission on start. I can not find any *.vars.Arma3profile in the server files I have access to either, so I'll see if it's an issue on their side of things. Hopefully I can get this sorted out, as the mission itself is great, but the mission not being stable for persistent long-term running on the DS and the saves not functioning really sucks.
  2. dannick

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    Well, after restarting my server using the base mission file on Altis, we were left staring at a brand new save file (lost a good week of progress). After that we decided to give Tanoa a try using a mission file from the Steam Workshop modified by Kaelh and I'd really prefer to not run into the same issue with this mission, so I was hoping for a way to somehow confirm that the mission is indeed saving, rather than praying the next time we restart it that our progress is all still there.
  3. dannick

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    Was wondering if there is any other location a save file could be found at? The dedicated server I rent only allows access to the ArmA server files and I do not see a DefaultServer\Users folder in our base directory as is shown in the wiki. Is this some sort of setting I need to modify within the mission file to change the location of the save file?
  4. dannick


    Love the mission, but with the update, the parameters for AI skill are no longer available (overall, aiming, spotting). Would it be possible to put those back in? They were very useful especially when playing with different skill levels of players, or if you only have a couple people. Thanks for your hard work!
  5. Sorry for the stupid question, but I've read the entire thread and can't seem to find where the load and save .sqf's go. I must not be putting them in the correct place as the server is recognizing the mod, but not saving/loading anything.
  6. Love the mission. Seems to be running great so far using 2.2 on the stable Beta. The only issue I've encountered so far is when attempting to "untow" a vehicle from another. The vehicles are then clipping into each other so trying to move either one causes major damage and occasionally explosions leading to death. :p I saw this asked previously in the thread, but as I'm not quite sure on how to do it myself, would it be possible to get a version running ini DB? Or if someone that already has one edited and would like to share it, that'd be amazing. While I do love the mission, I have a D3D error that causes my game to crash much more frequently than I'd like. And when it does, it's really rather annoying having to completely start back over from scratch. Thanks
  7. Please keep us up to date. This error is making it almost impossible to play for any period of time.
  8. dannick

    Stratis-RP: Ultimate

    Love the mission so far! The progress is astounding! I tried it out on my dedicated server and ran into a few issues. 1. The admin menu is not opening. 2. Jumping works, but simple climbing is not. 3. Upon reconnecting to the server, my body armor and weapon are gone. Also after reconnecting I'm no longer able to interact with anything, aside from the base A3 interactions and I get a bunch of errors.
  9. dannick


    If you add MCC Sandbox mod you will be able to change the time of day (among other things) on the fly without server restart. I ran into the same issue as you originally. The night is starting to grow on me though... haha
  10. dannick


    Love the mission. Thanks for all your work! Seems to run great on my dedicated. I have one issue, and I can't seem to find what's causing it. Using MCC Sandbox to spawn a vehicle from AllInArma (for example, a HMMWV) causes the server to crash. The vehicle spawns and is visible, but as soon as it does the server stops responding. No problems client-side. Sorry if this isn't the place to ask. Unsure if it's a compatibility issue or not, as all the other addons I have work perfect in the mission. Thanks