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    Books, ARMA editing, Airsoft, playing sports.
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    I grew up playing Operation Flashpoint and some good old games even though I'm young. I recently started playing seriously ARMA II and learning how to script. In real life, I like reading books and improving my knowledges. I'm also an Airsoft player.
  1. RommelFuchs

    getMarkerPos using an Array

    I'll try this one then. Didn't think about using functions, I always forget to make my life easier.
  2. This is a simple script I've put together using an array containing markes. This script creates a suitcase randomly on one of the markers, but I doesn't work for now: _locs= ["infoloc1","infoloc2","infoloc3","infoloc4","infoloc5"]; // Random location script _suitcase= "Land_Suitcase_F" createVehicle getMarkerPos select floor(random count _locs); The error stated by -showScriptError is a missing ; between select and floor. Can someone help me on this one?
  3. RommelFuchs

    block a soldier in one point

    You put it in the initialization field of the unit for example. Select the guy you don't want to move and in the box named INITIALIZATION in the editor you write that.
  4. RommelFuchs

    [Request] Walkable Interior of Vehicles

    Walkable vehicles would mean to me that a dream has just come true. I think that would require some intense scripting, but since ARMA III will certainly provide scripting community with better tools and function maybe someone will take care of this nice feature. There will be a lot of bugs to deal with and desync problems of course, but with a bit of time , work and luck all should be fixed I guess. Especially a moving and walkable C130 (or a generic transport plane) would be perfect as it would save from plenty of scripted stuff just to make a realistic HALO jump. Let's see what BIS and community will do in the future.
  5. RommelFuchs

    Will we ever see a map like Chernarus again?

    I have to confess I felt a little bit bad when I first learned that the setting of ARMA III would have been Greek islands... Then I saw how they rendered them and had a party in my pants of course. Still I would really like to see something like Cherno on ARMA III in the future. It would give me a great feeling but would also help immersion in my opinion. However the modding community probably isn't just sitting around drinking beer. Once they have all the tools they need I belive that we will see old and new maps beign released like hell.
  6. RommelFuchs

    Trigger spawn group and UPS

    Try adding in the .sqf eastGP execVM "nameofscript.sqf" If it does not work then give a try to {[_x] execVM "nameofscript.sqf";} forEach units eastGP
  7. If you don't want to do what Messiah suggested, you can also select a unit, press CTRL and C together on your keyboard and then press CTRL and V. Doing this you will copy and paste a unit which will be automatically unsynched to the others. It helps but remember that it makes a perfect copy of the unit you selected first.
  8. RommelFuchs

    Deleting Vehicle Crew

    In the trigger on Act, put this: {deleteVehicle _x;}forEach crew heli;deleteVehicle heli; By doing this you will take care of the helicopter but first you will remove the crew.
  9. Fine, however when you feel ready maybe you should test with the event handler also so you can compare. I suggest you that because with the respawn event handler you can also use this simple code to have the unit respawn with the same gear: _unit = _this select 0; _weapons = weapons _unit; _magazines = magazines _unit; waituntil {alive player}; _unit = player; removeallweapons _unit; {_unit addmagazine _x} foreach _magazines; {_unit addweapon _x} foreach _weapons;
  10. Have you tried using a "respawned" event handler? It should be the smoothest way.
  11. Yes, you're right about setTexture, but setObjectexture should work on units aswell. I remember there was a police script for Operation Arrowhead which was addon free and simply retextured PMC soldiers.
  12. Not sure about this but if you make a .paa format retextured image of the soldier's UV map then you could use the setTexture command.
  13. Hi, I'm making a MP mission where my main goal is to randomize several stuff. As part of that, there will be some villages occupied by Takistani guerrilas which will be friends or hostile towards the players' faction (West) at random. I already know how to randomize the thing. I do know how to make a whole faction hostile to another using the setFriend command or how to make a single soldier hostile by grouping him to an invisible enemy officer. But I'm out of ideas on how to achieve what I'm trying to make. My idea is to create a trigger on the village area and run the script for every guerrila present. But what could be a simple and generic way to make several guerrilas group hostile to West without making the whole faction hostile?
  14. I'm out of ideas, maybe you have placed them on a peak or a mountain and they walk because of the inclination?
  15. I'm feeling stupid, didn't notice that. Thanks!