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  1. That's not the case. Explosive round is just so powerful that it kills everyone in about 500m radius. If you try to shoot anything closer explosion will kill you if you won't hide in time. I have recorded video especially for this bug report (warning, M107 is quite loud without earplugs):
  2. Can I ask you to add one thing to your list of smaller releases? Balanced weapon weight. Right now they seem to be quite off and weapon weight is now even more important that it was before (weapon inertia is based on weight). For example RRA-LAR15 is lighter than MP5K-PDW = LAR15 is more suitable for CQB than PDW.
  3. Awesome work, we're using all of your weapon packs in our community. However I have a favor to ask. Can we have a full ASDG support for all weapons? I'm asking because bipods are nonfunctional, so we could at least add ASDG_JR bipods to marksman rifles. There is also problem with scopes provided with M14. One does not have bullet drop reticle and the other is calibrated for 12.7mm ammo and not for 7.62 so you cannot use them effectively. ASDG would solve both of those problem. Also: