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  1. mindbl4ster

    Redd'n'Tank Vehicles

    if you subscribed to the steamwrokshop content you can get it there. but i do think the release of the tpz fuchs is unintended. but still looking forward to drive the fully functional fuchs ;)
  2. mindbl4ster

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    hi there, first off great mod! vcom_ai makes fighting against ai much more interesting ;) but i need some information about your mod and armas locality: i saw that you sort your active units only local on one specific machine. my question is do you somehow transfer those informations to other clients. so e.g. when i have my server and one headlessclient and one blufor unit is local on each machine do they still call for each others support if needed? regards
  3. mindbl4ster

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    hi there! first off, great mission for pure coop cti! i play this mission with my clanmates with mods (rhs,ace,tfar) and is absolutly fun. though i have a one suggestion. because of the vast arsenal of the rhs mod there are various types of one vehicle. so there should be the possibility to unlock not only one specific "elite" vehicle defined by classname but the whole branch of it depending on the mission progress?
  4. hi guys, i'm wondering if there is a possibility to use the pathfinding function(s) of ai to find an unbroken connection of roads from one point to another? my aim is to create a function that is able to predict the player movement in vehicles to trigger certain events without the need to kill the server fps with heavy custom scripts. can someone throw me a bone here ? thanks! mind
  5. thanks for your reply. but i tried it in cse forum before just did not get an answer :( but to clarify things the part with the isClass command i already had. the tricky part is the "YOUR CODE" part. i somehow need to define parameters and call the cse framework. and i don't know how to do it the proper way :(
  6. hi guys, so here is the thing: i want to build a mission without mod dependencies. but i want to call the functionallities of mods when the mod is detected by a function. so e.g. when the user has cse running the mission should call the medic system without the need to place the module. so basiclly i need to somehow call the functions/runtimes or whatever with my init.sqf but the modules are coded in classes and i have no clue how to handle that :( would be very kind if someone could help me with that either giving me something like a tut or solving the prob right away ;) thanks!
  7. mindbl4ster

    Combat Space Enhancement 0.2

    hi there guys, first off i love your mod, great piece of work! so the thing is i'm wondering if there is a possibility to initialize cse modules AFTER mission start (with initServer.sqf and not via cse serverside mod). i do want to build a mission where a function autodetects if the cse mod is running and start specific cse modules afterwards. but i don't want to create any dependencies in my mission.sqm. thanks!
  8. @serjames: i can confirm that we have strange desyncs too. we even had up to 5 gamecrashes in 5 minutes with no reason and the serverlogs just do not state anything :(
  9. hi again got another question about controlling profiled units. is it somehow possible to let them use roads and not magically move over inpassible terrain for their unittype? thx
  10. hi there, got some questions here: can someone explain me why the opcom does not advance to custom objectives with the highest priority first? i spawned a few custom objectives via script and wanted the opcom to conquer them one by one starting with the objective with the highest priority. but actually opcom acts pretty funny always running to the same objective indipendent of the actual value of the objective. thanks p.s.: is it somehow possible to get the number of active units of one cached entity? p.p.s: after 12h runtime the opcom modules are stuck ...
  11. @waltenberg: thanks for advice but my intention is to freeze the player in a tdm mission until a startsignal (unfreeze) comes from the server. that way i can be sure every player has finished loading the mission and gets the startsignal at the exact same time.
  12. @magirot: thanks for pointing this out ... now it works like a charm :)
  13. i converted _localplayer already to an array in the first line of code? _localplayer = [_this select 0]; edit: ok ... now i do not get any error, but the function still does not work :(
  14. hi there, i tried various ways to handle this problem but nothing works as it should and now i do need help with it. my intention is to pass the playerobject from the initplayerlocal.sqf to a function that should freeze him after spawning. but actually i get the error that the function does not get the right form of parameters ?! can somebody help me out with it please ? thanks! initplayerlocal.sqf: _localplayer = [_this select 0]; [_localplayer ,true] call mbicr_fn_freeze; fn_freeze: private ["_listOfUnits","_conditionMovement"]; _listOfUnits = _this select 0; _conditionMovement = _this select 1; hint format ["%1, %2", _listOfUnits, _conditionMovement]; if (_conditionMovement) then { { _x disableAI "ANIM"; _x enableSimulation false; cutRsc ["default", "BLACK", 20]; } foreach _listOfUnits; } else { { _x enableAI "ANIM"; _x enableSimulation true; cutRsc ["default", "PLAIN",1]; } foreach _listOfUnits; };
  15. mindbl4ster

    Combat Space Enhancement 0.2

    hi there, one question about the biometric scanning. is somehow possible to predefine the attributes of a person in editor or via script?