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    Arma 3 campaing

    Save/Load tab needs work as game often takes you back to the very beginning of a mission even though you have died at almost the very end of a mission. Activating a SAVE often fails, forcing you to start over! NEVER wanted a refund from years of buying games...EXCEPT for this game.
  2. Graphics are improved. Game would be twice as much fun if the number of keystrokes were doubled to play the game. Press a key for your left foot moving forward then a key to move your right foot...Drill Instructors would appreciate that! Shifting weight from one leg to another would be helpful keystrokes with keys for different stances weight shifting.
  3. You guys are real "cute" with your attacks and "opinions" on what my FIRST IMPRESSIONS are. Your trolling does not change the fact that so far the sound, textures, game play and graphics are inferior to almost any major title of the last few years. As an experienced game tester your criticism of me doesn't change the reality of knowing a great game WHEN I see one!
  4. Have read through the first impressions posts and am astounded! Most everyone raving on how great the quality of this game. My first impression is that this game is very disappointing. Understanding that the game is expected (hopefully) to be much improved when released the missions, graphics quality, textures, lighting, animations and poor sound quality seem very dated for the technology of 2013! The breathing sounds are good when sprinting or wounded, however. Have paid my money and am hoping to eat my words.
  5. USAdystopia

    Graphic Issues Foliage

    Did...wouldn't be asking if I had found an answer...appears YOU have no help available.
  6. USAdystopia

    Graphic Issues Foliage

    Grass, shrub and tree foliage outlines white.