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  1. is it planned to have patches (the vanilla Arma 3 ones and others from workshop and other sources) on the armors/uniforms i personaly would love to have that and it would mean more imersion and customizability. Also whats about different Armors for ODST´s ? like have a nade belt around a shoulder some kind of "im special" feelings ?:D
  2. i love the mod sooooooooooo much <333333333333333333 but the body armor seems rather "light" and the weapons have a extreme punch
  3. I´d love to see a real GUNDAM and think it would actually fit in the Mech theme of this mod
  4. alinixwissen

    Challenger 2 Pack (WIP)

    if you guys need a idea for the 3d interior you could ask the guys from BW Mod they did kind of a interior in their ifv Puma and Leo 2 http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?171183-BWMod
  5. alinixwissen

    What is the point of the Typhoon?

    we know that http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?175039-THe-Tempest-aka-Kamaz-Typhoon-aka-useless-piece-of-scrapmetal
  6. alinixwissen

    Weapon tests

    Slammer(both): underside of the tank (1 AT mine is enough to bail the crew other tanks take atleast 2 the Kuma takes 3) crew hatched (at the rear of the tank) T-100: rear and side turret structure between the turret and the main body Top of the turret Kuma: top of the turret side of the turret structure between the turret and the main body no garantee for that info but thats what i have experienced
  7. alinixwissen

    why no tow/atgm mraps?

    China has also good stuff ,turkey Fußes their New aa system not Form germany Or america so not all nice is from the first world
  8. alinixwissen

    Active Protection - Can We Implement it Without Being OP?

    Bakerman....atleast i think itsbhis Name Works von that feature and is pretty far With it
  9. alinixwissen

    why no tow/atgm mraps?

    but the Merkava can take several RPG and ATGM hits to the front and side (dont know about the back ) and the developement of ERA and some other nice features still makes em a nice and battle changing box of steel/ceramic and some other stuff http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7rxBifd0cY
  10. BREAKING NEWS you can survive a IED/satchelcharge in the arma 3 Hemtt (not a backpackcharge though)
  11. alinixwissen

    why no tow/atgm mraps?

    And? Even a RPG 32 Or a nlaw can 1shot a slammer
  12. . You Got a really nice idea there with the hemtt infact it is bulletproof already bis only would need to work Rover the Windows and add an turret Ort may keep Thema unarmed
  13. For everybody who wants too see the tempest getting shot and how the hemtt out performs it the vid will be up in some hour will link it in this and the first post VID LINK (nevermind the audio its from a yt vid i was watching as recording this although msi afterburner shouldnt have recorded the sound..)
  14. alinixwissen

    why no tow/atgm mraps?

    Would love them too