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  1. SethAten

    UAV Live Feed

    Hey. Wondering if there was a way to get the UAV turret cam into a live feed to be viewed by a CO or mission control? Currently a UAV Operator can just radio in that there's three guys, but something seems awesome about being able to see it for myself :)
  2. I've only got ARMA2Free, so I've just been editing the launch parameters in steam. So..no bat.
  3. Now I get "No entry 'config.bin.tooltipDelay'" and "Shaders not valid(mismatch of exe and data?)"
  4. Must have screwed up the modline? I don't see anything different in the editor. Edit: That IS NOT a space after sthud;@, no idea why it is showing up as such.
  5. Can this be used in conjunction with ARMA 2: Free to give me some much needed tank warfare? Or is it limited to the paid games? Can features be disabled? For instance, all I really want are the tanks, no need for glitchy maps and infantry.
  6. SethAten

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    ARMA 3 went beta yesterday....horrible disappointment, had rumors of tanks and all I got was an amphibious APC.....I NEED A TANK! Somebody...please...port an ARMA 2 tank..or something...I must satisfy my lust for destruction....
  7. SethAten

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Couple of requests here.... A HUD enhancement mod...for those of us recruits....basically, I have a hard time seeing that faded red circle on enemy troops...perhaps something to make it more solid and visible? And also waypoints/objectives are usually barely visible text....something to get that to lose its transparency at least? A highlighter at best :D And for my other request, an "front target" helmet cam module. Using the current modules, I can set my self up to receive a feed, and I can set a soldier as the camera...but if I do not set a target, and want to just see what he sees, I can't, it seems to stare at me. So the module (or edit of current source module) would set it to just look generically from the front of the soldiers helmet.
  8. So the only way to do this would be if High Command was brought back. Yeah, because if I un-assign them from me, I cannot command them. Oh well, guess the only thing to do is to set them all in one group and set color teams.
  9. Seems I can't do it as easy as I want. I'd like to create a chain of command but it seems I can't. They all want to be connected to me or just one of the team leaders. I can't create the two teams of three(or more, if it worked) like this: It just won't take it. I had to do that pic in paint because it refused to connect how I wanted. I did make sure to set lower and higher ranks, to no avail.
  10. Basically, I want to be able to assign soldiers to different fireteams in the editor. I basically want to put down 2 playable soldiers for a co-op mission, and then place more AI soldiers like medics, riflemen, grenadiers, and then I want to manually assign each of them to a certain of the playable soldiers. I'm sure there is an easy way to do this(other than placing them close together and hoping it auto assigns correctly?) but I haven't found it.
  11. SethAten

    AI Heli Control 1.0

    Will this be updated for ARMA 3 Alpha/Beta?
  12. Good to know it's possible..now to find out how. Recoil would be good...for consecutive shots...probably won't need to bother editing since I think that is acceptable.No reason for ammo, or fire rate. It's the bullet drop that gets them I think. Or the dispersion is too great. The distances for even me to get a good shot warrants a shotgun more than a rifle. Area suppression I can leave for the big boys with the real guns...not that suppression works well with Alpha anyway. That or the AI can sense what losers we are and they just stand their ground. I will also try the AI settings, should allow them to survive longer. and LOL, I think your training program would be more useful towards training the kids for the gun I'm trying to make, not the guns we have now. If ARMA guns worked like that flash game I wouldn't have to make easier guns :P
  13. So, most of the ARMA player base, if not all, will flame me because "ARMA is a Military Simulator...get CoD if you don't want ballistics". For me, ARMA is mostly a sandbox, driving my tank around, building my own missions, doing them CO-OP with friends...stuff CoD won't let me. But I've run into a problem with the kiddies...they watch me, they want to play, I let them...and then they can't hit the broad side of a barn, while the AI is pulling headshots. I'm looking to make, or have made( don't worry, I know about the requests thread, but if I can do it myself that would be good to know here. I also want to verify it is possible), the perfect kiddie gun, something of a more hitscan variety than ballistics, something more What You See Is (Probably) What You Hit. So what can I do to make a gun(or guns) with pinpoint accuracy, no bullet drop, friction..any of that which makes ARMA such a learning curve? I want the kids to be able to see the guy in the scope, pull the trigger, and hit. None of this "shoot above him for drop compensation", "sniper can't hit shit at 600 yards, even if he can line it up", etc. You get what I'm saying? P.S. I'd like to do this in ARMA 3 Alpha.
  14. SethAten

    Which platform to buy on?

    So no real troubles with Steam and mods? I'll probably buy Steam key then, since I already use Steam for several other games.
  15. So, I am planning to purchase ARMA 2 and ARMA 2 Operation Arrowhead, since I expect the prices to plummet with the release of ARMA 3. I have created this thread to ask the opinion of the community as to which platform I should purchase on...Steam or BI? This is not a question of developer support, I may purchase via the BI store either way, but rather, for technical reason or distribution ease, which would be better? Does Steam create any drawbacks as far as mods? Will BI stop distributing the installer after 3 is going strong? etc etc.