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  1. kroni

    Clutter Troubleshooting

    So i've changed not only the paths, but absolutely every instance of "Eno" to "eno" and that seems to have done the trick, I think for now I will stick to a general rule of thump to keeping stuff lower-case. Cheers for the shout Bush,I would have never have realised it was something as simple as that!
  2. kroni

    Clutter Troubleshooting

    alright b, when i get home from work today i will give it a shot!
  3. kroni

    Clutter Troubleshooting

    Hi Richie, so in my layers.cfg i have 5 layer classes, how ever in my cfg.surfaces i have only 3 of them in the layer characters, is this what your refering too? (: well here are my files. maybe there is something wrong with them after all.. Cfg.Clutter CfgSurfaces Layers.Cfg
  4. kroni

    Clutter Troubleshooting

    *Update* So, to try and figure out the issue a little more, I loaded up the atlas tutorial map and got it in-game. Just like with my map it loaded fine without any errors, how ever, no clutter! Take a look at this in-game image, you can see the rvmats in the correct position, so the mask_lco provided with the tutorial works, but the clutter isn't visible... Could it be my graphic settings or somethin? I cant see how the game would load if the clutter being used wasn't packed in the PBO because you would otherwise receive the error couldn't load textures etc etc. :(
  5. So I can remember a couple years back, making my first maps for arma, and having all sorts of problems with my clutter! Now firmly back in the saddle its all coming back to me, I don't actualy seem to have any errors with my clutter, in fact i don't have any errors at all, this leads me to believe that my mask_lco isn't working properly, and maybe someone can help me with that! Now I have exported my mask layer as a .bmp file, 16 bit. But i assume there must be some settings I'm missing, or something wrong with the way I'm exporting, because like i said, no clutter. Anyone got any tips, or ideas? Im pretty sure the issue is the way I'm exporting my mask from ps, but I could be wrong! Cheers!
  6. kroni

    Some Smal Problems

    Thanks for the help guys. Yes ive checked my ground rvmats and there correct as far as i can see, besides renaming them incorrectly you cant go wrong will go through the motions again i guess and hope for the best. Deleting the bin folder and layers folder again might help but like you have said bush this error just seems to dissipate at some point, but it is a very common problem and not much detailed information about it. I will let you know my results when i get home wish me luck! ---------- Post added at 15:11 ---------- Previous post was at 13:18 ---------- Okay so i went back re traced all my steps and still no luck, maybe the issue could lie elsewhere but where im not sure. All the rvmats are directed correctly. Importing the satellite images works fine so that directory must be correct. Is there anything else at all that could possibly cause this, maybe something in bin pbo? I don't know why i want to blame pbo but i get the feeling its something in the settings i must have wrong. *FIXED* I was write it did lie with Bin Pbo. For some reason things in the source directory box has been miss spelt?!?! Anyways thanks to bush supplying his line of what stuff to be copied directly in his tutorial i could just copy and paste it. Re biniarized with his settings and the textures have mysteriously started to work, thanks guys!
  7. kroni

    Some Smal Problems

    No luck still same error, and a horrible ground texture http://postimg.org/image/i04pk4pob
  8. kroni

    Some Smal Problems

    Yeah that was the first thing i tried, i guess it doesn't help trying it a second time
  9. kroni

    Some Smal Problems

  10. Hey guys so its been a while since ive posted here, took a short break working on some other media related projects but im glad to be back chipping away at visitor again! Now to my problem! I have defiantly seen this problem multiple times before.. And if i could remember the solution or even find the post on the forums related to it i wouldn't bother posting :j: Okay so here is the error Now i am allmost certain i have done everything right, but knowing me i have mispelt/forgotten something, and if i have after a good few months doing this sorta thing it really shouldn't be down to you guys to spell check my stuff.. so i apologize but i have no other options right now :butbut: Here are my files. Weather they account for the issue in question or not is beyond me. In preferences (visitor) My texture path is : tut\savos\data So not really sure whats going wrong but maybe somebody can point and laugh at my stupidity somewhere, thanks!
  11. kroni

    Mask Mapper Difficulties

    I use world tools, and its about the only thing in my terrain making process that a monkey could do! Its really intuitive, and hardly ever causes problems, it is a bit like visitor in the sense that when your creating large areas of vegetation it looks like its going to crash. But it does get there eventually, i would suggest doing small parts of vegetation at a time though, because i have yet to find its limits :P
  12. I wish you luck with your porting, it might be tricky, i know d has already discussed with me about hes going to port to, when there is an ability to do so, i doubt however that it will be any easier for us, so prepare yourself:P
  13. kroni

    Object resizing

    Yeah i get that sometimes, but it does go and come as it pleases, never found out what cuases it, but restarting the game fixes it for me!
  14. I had the same issue, just this second, and the first post i read today solves it, WIN!
  15. That may be an issue seming as i copied it directly from a dox. file. Im not too sure what Ҡare either..